More Art Than You Can Shake a Cactus At.

I’ve been planning forever now to write entries about the Neckface show at New Image Art, the David Choe show at Kantor Gallery, and the “Yosemite Studio” open studio party a few weeks back. So how excited am I to discover local art phenom Jeff Soto has been writing dailies for Fecal Face this week and managed to cover all three in a single post! Now I don’t have to write it, and you get to hear about it all with commentary from the man himself (as well as much better photos than I had). While you’re there, you may as well go back and read the rest of the week. It’s alwasy interesting to me to read about the day-to-day life of a professional artist/illustrator, and he still lives and works in Riverside.


I know the collective baseball media hivemind is ready to gift Barry Bonds the NL MVP award yet again, but it seems to me in all the various stories, segments, and discussions about this topic, they 1) make it seem a foregone conclusion and 2) talk about his at-bat statistics. The award is *not* for best On-Base Percentage.

Someone on ESPN earlier today finally mentioned how mediocre the Giants would be without him. Perhaps, but the Giants are not breathing down the neck of the Dodgers and fighting in the wildcard race only because of Barry. I can think of at least one other player, pitcher Jason Schmidt, who they can thank for their success this year, among others.

I’m hoping that the other worthy candidates are truly and seriously considered for the award. And of course as a Dodger fan, I can name my candidate pretty easily. ;)

Best Arclight sighting EVER!

I was waiting in line to pick up the tix for today’s showing of Hero at the Arclight when around the corner comes none other than Nicole Kidman! She was there with some dude but was standing no more than 3 feet from me. I’m not usually a mark for celeb sightings but it was Nicole fucking Kidman at the Arclight! C’mon. That’s pretty damn cool. I didn’t realize she was 7 feet tall. Big girl but damn if she doesn’t have a tiny little ass that would fit on a butter plate. My m4d ph0t0g sk1llz failed me and I was too stunned to whip out the phone cam. I would be a bad paparazzi. But a decent human being I guess ;-) The only idiot who bothered her was an employee who ran after her to get an autograph on a napkin. I hope she was summarily dismissed then shot. That’s uncool for the staff to bug celebs like that. All she wanted to do was come see a movie.

Remembering Larry McCormick

Veteran KTLA Anchor Larry McCormick Dies

Larry McCormick (1933-2004)Larry McCormick, a longtime television journalist and one of the first African American newsmen in Los Angeles, died Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after a lengthy illness. Throughout his 43-year broadcasting career, McCormick hosted musical programs, radio and television talk shows, TV game shows, and did football play-by-play. He wrote, narrated and produced television and radio documentaries. He was 71.

Larry McCormick Obituary (Video)
Southland Pays Tribute to McCormick (Video)
LA Times story
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Larry Receives his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Signed Leykis headshot I got from him another lifetime ago.  I think I'll sell it on eBay.One of my former co-workers at the network sent me a link to this story. It seems that local talk jock Tom Leykis has been assaulted by a listener he pissed off in Seattle. (So far I haven’t seen any Seattle metbloggers pick up on this.)

I’m not saying Leykis deserved to be kicked in the head, but I do think it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Most of Leykis’ listener events involve large amounts of alcohol and gratutious female nakedity (thanks to Teebubble for the great word). He had to know that one day things were going to get out of hand… beyond getting sued (which has already happened), that is.

Shock jock Tom Leykis says he was attacked in Seattle
Tom Leykis said his injury required 17 stitches.

Seattle police are looking for radio listeners who allegedly assaulted syndicated shock jock Tom Leykis outside a Seattle bar early Monday.

Leykis said yesterday that the attack left him with 17 stitches above his right eye. His call-in show originates in Los Angeles and airs afternoons on Seattle’s KQBZ-FM (100.7). Reached by phone in Los Angeles, Leykis said the attack occurred during one of his regular trips to broadcast from Seattle, where for several years he’s maintained a large fan base.

Leykis said he had stepped outside of the Five Point Cafe, 415 Cedar St., near Fisher Plaza, about 3:45 a.m. when a man began talking to him and another kicked him in the head. “I was minding my own business. It was a person who knew who I was from the radio.” [full story]

What I’m surprised about is that it happened in Seattle. Who’d have thunk it?

This story reminds me that Leykis signed the above headshot for me once upon a time (he doesn’t look like that anymore) & I’ve had it sitting in storage. Maybe this is a good time to sell it on eBay?

Small Time Crooks

I’ve been singing the praises of my new neighrhood of Silver Lake ever since I moved in two months ago. But today I received a sign that perhaps its not the idyll I think it is. I got home today to discover that my apartment had been broken into. There were definite signs of forced entry on the front door. Inside, it took me a long time to figure out what had happened. Virtually nothing was gone. A photobox had been upturned and the contents scattered on my bed. A container where I keep my stash of pennies and laundry quarters was sitting, empty, on my couch. A handful of coins was scattered across my floor. “Take photos of the layout and the door damage, ” I thought. “Great, now where’s my camera? Hey, where’s my camera!”

So, a 2MB digital camera, about five dollars in pennies and quarters, and nothing else taken. Not my new TV. Not the DVD player and VCR sitting, disconnected and extremely portable, on my floor. All in all, could have been a whole lot worse.

Now, anybody know a good locksmith?

How to Get an Autograph Like a Fanboy.

0060539097.jpgIt’s not exactly rare to sight a pornstar in our fair city, but I’m guessing that it doesn’t usually happen inside a book store. Fans of both the written word and the tawdry flesh will be happy to hear that the latest stop in Jenna Jameson’s 10-city book tour is tonight at Book Soup (8818 Sunset Blvd). Mrs. Jameson will be signing copies of her new memoir How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale starting at 7:00 p.m. I’m willing to be that there’s already a line.

Extra Bonus: If you’re a McSweeney’s fan, they’re also hosting Dave Eggers presenting and signing Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans: The Best of McSweeney√≠s, Humor Category: 1998 – 2003 on Tuesday, August 31st at 7:00 p.m. Start flexing your brain now.

Look, up in the sky, it’s art!

I’ve been pretty excited to see that one of my favorite street artists has recently been hitting up our fair city. You may have seen these hanging arrow mobiles before, and if you’ve ever wondered, they’re the work of Above. Not to be confused with the shoe tossing of Skewville, also visible in a few spots around town. So far, most of what I’ve seen has been in the Melrose/LaBrea (La Brea/Waring, Beverly/Detroit, Sunset/Fairfax, Santa Monica/Detroit) area but if he’s still in town you can be sure they’ll pop up in more spots. I’m dying to know how he got up at Sunset/Fairfax.

Burn Hollywood Burn!

I was sittting in my room when I see and smell smoke at my 3rd floor window. Not something one is looking forward to in an already busy as hell afternoon. Next I see huge chunks of ash coming down and it’s time to panic. I grabbed my camera and hit the street looking for the source.

I couldn’t see it thruough the smoke but the source was directly out my window on the corner of McCadden and Yucca. Some nitwit set a bank of palm tree’s on fire!

They’re still spraying the damn thing. It must have flared back up again. I can see massive amounts of foam being thrown into the air at this point but I thought it better to blog fast than overstay my welcome. And not to mention I already got a snootful of that foam I was so close. Ya know this was the same corner I took the photo of the cops on horseback. Wonder if this was a freak horse manure incident? It’s also cool the pics are on the blog and they’re still spraying the damn thing ;-)

Click on thumbs for larger images.

Kaiju Big Battel comes to L.A.

Ho-lee crap, this is going to be awesome:

Kaiju Big Battel: Tinsel Town Showdown
Avalon Hollywood
Wed Sept 8th , 8pm
$22.50 All Ages

People in giant monster suits wrestling each other, complete with melodramatic backstory. It’s like the Gwar/Otaku/Mexican Wrestling mashup you’ve always dreamed about. This might be the best thing that’s ever happened in the history of anything, ever. For more info, go check out the awesomely entertaining

Trees for a Green LA program

Although I am a renter, I do fancy trying to colour my thumb green by spending time in a small garden area allotted to our humble abode we’ve just moved into. Grand plans for a minor space, as I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that you don’t invest time, effort and money just because you’re renting. Quality of life is only lifted by the quality of effort. So I’ve been digging, weeding, trimming overhanging branches, sifting and picking out thousands of pine needles, and trying not to bother a resident skunk all in the hope of creating my own Hanging Gardens of Babylon in a space roughly the size of a large bathroom. Lo and behold, the city of Los Angeles will actually help me realize this dream of a backyard oasis with their Trees for a Green LA program. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power rewards participants of their program with an absolutely free tree(s), delivered right to your doorsteps after attending a workshop with “a trained neighborhood forester about proper tree selection, siting and planting techniques, and draft a site-specific plan based on your residence.” The start of an Ewok village awaits….

Today’s “SBC Sucks” story brought to you by…


“Over the past two weeks I have had the most terrible experience with SBC I’ve ever heard about. I know that SBC isn’t the best company when it comes to customer service, and I’ve come to expect that. In fact, SBC has greatly improved the attitude of their customer service representatives, the are friendly and work at being genuinely helpful. However, they do not deliver results to match…”

Sending good thoughts for a local legend

Copyright ¬© 2004, KTLA.I am very honored to have had the pleasure of working with veteran KTLA newsman Larry McCormick, so I am very upset to learn that Larry had been hospitalized last week and that he currently is in “grave condition,” not expected to survive.

Larry has been ill for a while and had been taking time off of his KTLA duties to recover. But this isn’t the first time that he’s been hospitalized and although there have been scares in the past, Larry has surprised us more than once by fighting his way back.

Not more than a month ago, my former co-worker K said she ran into him at the grocery store and that his spirits seemed up. The last time I spoke with him was approximately 2 weeks ago, after I had sent him a quick note to give him an update on my life. Since I met him, he’s always been thoughtful and kind to me, calling to say “thank you” for the little things. Larry always has an optimistic outlook on things, and said he was anxious to be well enough to return to work soon.

Since I’m not able to call him at home, all I can do is write about it and use as much of my mental energy as possible to send him my most sincere best wishes and love.

LAPD LASD: Another Shining Service Example

When the comments section of one of Jay’s recent posts meandered into a discussion about fare evasion on the subway, it reminded me of a story I wanted to share.

A friend of mine was recently taking the subway from Koreatown to Hollywood to go to work. Unfortunately, the ticket dispenser at his station was broken but there were, luckily, two Metro officers standing around nearby. He asks them about the machine and they tell him that he can get his ticket at the next station, no problem. Not only that, they reassure him that a broadcast already went out over the radio that the machine is broken and all of the officers are supposed to know. Confident he’s covered, he boards the train, heads off to the next station and gets off to go get his ticket. Of course, at this particular station there’s a line of officers at the stairs checking tickets. Instead of getting back on the train and just going to work like he could have, he does the right thing and heads up the stairs, thinking that everything is kosher. You can see where this is going, yes? One officer starts barking at him about where his ticket is, he tries to explain, the guy doesn’t care, all manner of awfulness ensues. The cop (who, as an extra bonus, is sporting mirrored shades and Magnum P.I. ‘stache) accuses him of being on meth, dumps the contents of his bag everywhere, turns his pockets out, threatens to take him downtown, on and on and on for half an hour. The guy is so beligerent that his partner is actually embarrased by his antics and makes several unfruitful attempts to calm him. Eventually, the cop gets his head out of his ass and gets it all figured out and lets my friend go, acting as if he was doing him a favor the whole time.

I really try to like cops. I don’t mean that as a joke. I think that a lot of hipsters bitch about cops just because it’s what everyone born after 1960 does. I know that the job is hard and dangerous and I wouldn’t want to do it. Unfortunately, about 90% of my interactions with them end very poorly and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to improve that average. I guess the lesson is, as usual, cover your ass. ‘Cause in the end they have the gun and the say-so no matter what the truth is.