Dear Drivers on the 110,

Please put down the crack pipe.

Seriously. Almost 10 of you bitches* damn near ran into me this morning between the 101 and the Adams exit. If it wasn’t for my extra sweet evasive driving maneuvers Caryn and I would be toast. What the hell? Knock it off already, ok?

Thank you.


* Note: the word “bitches” is used to describe a small group of crack smoking reckless drivers, not women with bad attitudes or female dogs.

5 thoughts on “Dear Drivers on the 110,”

  1. dude. the 110 gets pretty hairy between the 101 and 10 ramps. esp. when you’re goin’ northbound.

  2. I know, I drive it every day going to downtown from silverlake and back again but this morning was extra chaotic. People woke up on the bad driver side of the bed or something.

  3. i avoid the 110 at all costs. try merging from the 5 south to the 110 heading towards chinatown. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH………oh my god……..merging traffic……..what do i do? everyone stops instead of merging.

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