Love Angeles

This summer is all about the peace and love. Your Los Angeles Dodgers are experiencing winning ways during July, despite evidence to the contrary witnessed by your correspondent last (appropriately named) Sunday:

Dodger Stadium July 25 2004 Hans Camera Phone.jpg

The above cam photo is not over-exposed — it was bloody bright that afternoon. Fly balls, before bursting into flame in midair, would burn white-hot scars in your retina. A new tarpit appeared when the scorched earth cracked in right field, sucking down several fans and a ball boy before security stepped in. It was a group of Padre fans, though, so no great loss.

During the game, the melting Dodger Vision screen announced through the heat vapor that Lance Armstrong had indeed achieved victory, which drew warm applause from the smoldering crowd.

That same morning, The Artist Formerly Known As Diesel took out a full-page ad in the Times spreading the love and thanking fans for their support. A collective “awwwww” was heard across the basin.

And speaking of Love, Courtney is going to be in town for rehab. Watch her break and watch her burn.

And speaking of burning, park rangers are shutting down parts of one local national forest and are considering more closures to forestall the burning of what’s left of the bark-beetle-fodder on our mountains.

So the peace and love is suffusing the air like, well, a dark mass of smoky haze. Just another summer in the City of Angels. Go Blue!