LA Times is Free!

There’s been a lot of talk about how backwards thinking the Los Angeles times pay-for-online-archives policy is, er, as of today, was. That’s right, it’s officially history. Caryn says:

“It’s been a long time coming but The Los Angeles Times is now available for everyone to read for free! I can now link to them with no shame. Enjoy my friends.”

5 thoughts on “LA Times is Free!”

  1. that is really odd, it was wide open this morning, and they announced last month that this was coming, maybe they are working on it? Really weird…

  2. Sean, I think last month’s flurry of postings around the Web was just a blog rumor that got out of hand. I keep fairly close tabs on stuff that comes out of the LAT, and never saw anything from the paper suggesting they would drop the pay wall on CalendarLive. Maybe it’ll happen someday, but TimesInteractive general manager Elaine Zinngrabe e-mailed me that today’s rumor is false. It’s still a subscriber-or-pay site, just like yesterday.

  3. That’s very interesting, because the info last month came straight from inside people at the Times, and just yesterday those same sources confirmed that it was technical problems and that officiallly the site was now free. Hmmm.. Must look into this further.

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