I didn’t know that cars could sneeze.

blessingtop1.gifAuto enthusiasts will be interetested to know that The Blessing of the Cars is going down this weekend at Hansen Damn Park.

Ten years ago, Stephanie and Gabriel Baltierra of Los Feliz decided they loved their cars so much they wanted to get them blessed.
“Gabriel’s family is Catholic, and they like to bless everything,” says Stephanie, 34, who drives a 1964 Comet Caliente and is a member of an all-female car club called the Minxes. The event she and Gabriel started, the Blessing of the Cars, has grown from a gathering of a few hundred friends and family and their vehicles to more than 10,000.
The all-day and into-the-night annual affair, held at Hansen Dam (this year’s on July 31, 2004), begins with a mass morning blessing by a Catholic priest, who then goes car to car, blessing each individually. Some people also ask him put holy water in their radiators.
“It has been said that the event attracts … more tattoos than the Navy,” she says, “but I think, in the end, people come because they are passionate about their cars, just like they become passionate about anything else.”

It’s a bit heavy on the Rockabilly vibe, but friendly nonetheless. Lots of insane customs. Aside from the cars, there are also vendors, raffles, bands and art displays. If you haven’t been before, and you have even a passing interest in Pre-1968 Detroit steel, then I highly recommend a visit.

Thanks to flavorpill for the heads up.