Donnie Darko: Directors Cut and why the LA Weekly needs new reviewers

I went to see the much anticipated Directors Cut of Donnie Darko at the Arclight yesterday and thought it was wonderful. I think the additions to the film were justified and made the film better. So today when I read the review of the movie in the “Pick of the Week” section of the LA Weekly I was quite confuzzled. The review by Ella Taylor basically bashed the original as well as the new version and equated Donnie to a Columbine shooter. She also said that the new version took it from a piece about, and I quote, “suburban-angst drama to sci-fi fever dream”. Well Ella it’s obvious that you didn’t understand it the first time around and the addition of flash cards didn’t help much. It’s ALWAYS BEEN SCIENCE FICTION YOU FUCKING IDIOT! It’s a piece about self sacrifice as well and we all know that’s what the shooters at Columbine were all about. What editorial moron at the LA Weekly staffed out their “Pick of the Week” to an ill informed writer who didn’t even GET the original?

9 thoughts on “Donnie Darko: Directors Cut and why the LA Weekly needs new reviewers”

  1. If you liked the original the DC doesn’t disappoint. At least none of the crew that went with me was disappointed. It was really great seeing it in the theater and the additions made it a better movie IMO.

  2. Gah, I’m finding that my taste for the Weekly is consistently diminishing in every respect. I’m trying to convert to City Beat. At the very least, they have a much, much better Art Director.

    I’m so pissed that I missed the DD Director’s Cut premiere at the Egyptian. I heard that there were actual Sparkle Motion dancers puttin’ on the ritz. How freaking cool is that? Guess I have to catch it at the Arclight.

  3. Thanks man! That fucking ROCKS! I was only at about 40% clarity. Fogarty has been on me to do the website for a few months but I never took the time. There are some good arguable points about no-free will and the complexity of the plot that I think I’ll just sweep under the rug. Otherwise a great set of cliff’s notes.

  4. Long ago I learned that Ella Taylor is my barometer.

    When the barometer is falling, there will be bad weather; when the barometer is rising, the wxr will be good.

    If Ella pans it, I will like it. If Ella likes it, I better pass on it.

    Ella may stink as a critic, but I can tell whether to see the movie or not.

  5. is donnie darko going to be playing again at the arclight theater anytime soon please let me .

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