X Games X x X 2 the maxx 2004 X


Dude. The hype machine known as X Games X is descending upon SoCal beginning August 5th. Previous years have shown you’re probably better off watching it on TV as the venues are set up for that, but who can resist the verter-than-thou hoopla? Anybody going to catch an event or two in person?

2 thoughts on “X Games X x X 2 the maxx 2004 X”

  1. I’ve been planning on it, but I haven’t picked up tickets yet so I don’t know if I’m going to make it. And it’s reserved seating, which is a drag. Last year it was first come first serve. The seats that TM is pulling for me are all the way across the floor from the vert ramp. Boo!

  2. Yeah I wanted to go but I have to go back to Chicago the 4th thru the 8th for some family BS. Weak. I haven’t been to a skate contest since I saw Gator win in Villa Park, IL. Not long before he killed the girl and got sent up river.

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