Mullets. Copyright. Beer.

Beer behemoth Miller Brewing Co. is suing L.A.-based clothes manufacturer Brandlab for copyright infringement and brand dilution. The problem? Parodical T-shirts that riff off the Miller slogan, bearing messages like “It’s Mullet Time” and “Mullet Low-life.” The shirts are available at stores including The Buckle and Nordstrom (where you can buy by them online, for now). Link to news story. (Thanks, Kyle)

4 thoughts on “Mullets. Copyright. Beer.”

  1. Satire and spoof is covered by the law I thought.

    And great to have met you at the sent show!

  2. Ouch. Already been pulled from the store :-/

    The first time I was arrested as a youth my charge read “Being under the age of 21 years, had in his possession, Miller Beers.” I’ve hated Miller since that awful day. Not that I was arrested but that it was made public record that I was arrested with Miller. How humiliating…

  3. What a coincidence, the first time I was arrested it was for gang activity, and assault and battery… oh wait, that isn’t really a coincidence at all. I was under 21 though. Actually I was under 18 so it’s inadmissable biatch!

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