12 thoughts on “Divebomb”

  1. That happened to me once near the La Tijera exit of SB 405 – a pigeon dove off the overpass and straight into my 70mph oncoming windshield – WHUMP (leaving a greasy stain, I might add) – then fluttered crazily onward, discombobulated but somehow still airworthy.

    Fear not; It’s just a sign that the average bird has a brain the size of a #2 pencil eraser.

  2. A bird once flew into my front grille. All I saw was a big explosion of feathers.

  3. This reminds me of the Seinfeld where George accidentally runs over pigeons while driving. His horrified date asks why he did that, and he describes the “deal” we have with pigeons. They can crap all over the statues and public property as much as they want, as long as they get out of the way of moving cars.

    Your birds also apparantly didn’t understand the ‘deal’.

  4. There’s a reason that the term “birdbrain” is an insult.

    To the birds? To the humans that are stupid enough to be considered as such? It’s a mystery to me.


  5. Happened to me recently on the 134N.

    I can still see the bird teetering above the traffic trying to stay upright and save itself before being hit semi-truck.

    Almost worse is seeing an animal dead on the inside freeway median. You know it safely made it across the 3-4 lanes of traffic only to find an impassable concrete wall.

    How long did it run up and down the median trying to find an escape hatch before trying to double back across the freeway…

    Both scenarios depress the hell out of me. Animals may be stupid but we’re not exactly making their lives easier.

  6. on the way to Ojai one time, we almost smashed a mother duck crossing the freeway (!) followed by a very long string of teeny ducklings… our eyes almost popped out of our heads as we frantically looked behind us & saw ~20 Hell’s Angels coming up fast. We stopped in front of the ducks, winced, and the bikes split up around us and roared by, probably rupturing their little skulls. not funny. 3 of us burst into tears afterward because it was just so damned sad. we need to leave them more room…… you know?

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