City Council All Wound Up Over Silly String

ss.jpgWhile civic and law enforcement officials are quick to debunk claims that our esteemed City Council is out to designate “The Having of Fun” as a terrorist act, council members will nevertheless soon be voting on whether or not to outlaw the use or possession of Silly String on public property such as streets and parks.

“This is not about the criminalization of enjoyable activities,” said a source close to Councilman Tom LaBonge who agreed to speak only on the condition he or she remain anonymous. “This is about a City Council having absolutely nothing better to do.”

As reported in the L.A. Times Saturday, the drive for the proposed law stems from complaints of residents and businesses in Hollywood who claim that large numbers of people who take to the famed boulevard on Halloween actually enjoy spraying each other with the cans containing hundreds of feet of colorful compressed foam (also marketed as Crazy String). But LAPD Capt. Michael Downing discounts that it’s only about fun bothering the grumpy people who live and work in that community. “More and more it becomes a flashpoint where disorder occurs.”

Asked how his department was going to go about apprehending violators should the proposal be voted into law, Downing got nearly giddy with excitement. “Oh we’ve already come up with great name for our undercover point-of-sale operations: Silly Sting… get it?”

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