Psycho Ex in da Hizzouse!

My friend Andy’s new book, The Psycho Ex Game, is finally available! Congratulations!!!!! That’s so fucking cool you have no idea. Andy is one of the most talented people in this town and hopefully more people will pick up on it! Make sure you bounce around the site and listen to some of the great songs he has sprinkled around including the title track from the book. Congratulations again!

There’s even a copy of Tomorrow Wendy on the site!

Continue reading for the review from People Magazine.

Be sure to slather on the sun-screen if you read Psycho Ex at the beach, since its L.A.-hipster characters, tales of twisted love and whip-smart wisecracks will keep you glued to your sand chair. Lisa, a reclusive 41-year-old TV writer, and Grant, a jaded 40ish musician, meet at a nightclub where he and his statuesque “Rocker Barbie” girlfriend Winnie are performing in his underground hit show Tommy! (Lee!) The Musical. Grant and Lisa, who narrate alternate chapters, stumble into an e-mail competition to determine who has the craziest former love partner. Unbeknownst to Lisa, jealous Winnie is monitoring the action, and like a Bizarro-world Talmudic scholar she sneeringly deconstructs Lisa’s most innocuous words and actions, to Grant’s increasing discomfort and the reader’s amusement. Hilariously disastrous complications ensue when Lisa’s Psycho Ex, a big-time movie producer, wants to buy the rights to Grant’s musical. In this acid-laced confection, no one of either gender understands anyone else (or themselves for that matter), and whenever someone tries to read between the lines, all hell breaks deliciously loose. Summer reading doesn’t get more fun than this.