Who is Blogging With What?

Eric Richardson just tore into the LA Blogs blogroll to see what people in LA are blogging with – well, hosted blogging anyway. Of about 650 blogs, he found:

155 blogspot.com
22 typepad.com
12 livejournal.com
10 xanga.com
8 diaryland.com

The trick there, is that these blogs are hosted on those services, blogs living on peoples own domains (like MoveableType, or some Blogger Pro accounts) don’t show up there. Still, 155 blogspot blogs is pretty hefty.

4 thoughts on “Who is Blogging With What?”

  1. I’m one of the “Other” category in that I run WordPress on my own server. I find it more interesting that only 207 out of 650 blogs run on the commercial services.

  2. That’s my point, anyone who has a site that doesn’t include the service name isn’t showing up in those figures (I think) so there very well might be many more than 207 people using commericial services, they might just have accounts that allow them to use their own domain.

  3. It’s so funny you should write about this subject–I JUST started a blog on blogspot thru Google. I think I was jealous of your blogs on this site and wanted to throw around my two cents in cyberspace as well. I do enjoy this blog site tremendously; it’s entertaining and informative!

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