Oh Britney, Will You Ever Win?

Local blogger Scott Lapatine has some crazy scoop on the uber-dirtbag Britney Spears is turning into. The New York Post is even plugging his blog – they quote him as saying:

“She’s been wearing the same pair of ripped jean shorts for weeks as she hobbles around L.A. on crutches, always with cigarette in hand, making pit stops for Cheetos and Red Bull,” says Lapatine.

“She can’t even be bothered to brush her hair or wash her face anymore. This whole phase ó and let’s hope it’s a phase ó is a big middle finger to all her fans.”

And Check the pics:


The one on the left is this July 1st post, and the right 4 days later. And yes, as you can star to make out in the photo on the left, she’s wearing UGGs. Please note, IT’S FREAKING JULY!

Keep up the good work Scott.

14 thoughts on “Oh Britney, Will You Ever Win?”

  1. Hey, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers (unless there was more room on the floor).

  2. I confess to wearing Uggs in the summer after surfing.

    After surfing and then walking in sand my feetsies get pretty dry. My heels crack and it becomes unbearable to just walk.

    I’ve learned to wash my feet off with fresh water when I get home and then I put on the Uggs which keep my feet comfortable for about half an hour.

    Maybe Britney just got done surfin’ at El Porto when that photo on the left was taken. :P

  3. Wow, it’s the richest trailer-trash girl in the world! Why is she trying so hard to look like a SKANK? All her efforts are paying off. Eek.

  4. i’ve always thought the pockets hanging out longer than the actual shorts is a good look.

  5. leave britney alone…aint u guys got nething better 2 do??
    She aint my fav person in the world but…gosh… do something better with your time!

  6. Brit’s great…I hope she keeps lighting up and dressing shabby…it belongs to her undistinguale personal style

  7. i agree with natasha thompson…..y cant u guys go do something else? i have uggs and i wear them all the time. in fact i have 7 pairs. one in each color….hehehe and anyways they’re comfy and warm so leave them alone….keep your opinions to yourself!

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