My friend Travis is taking back the airwaves or whatever. He says: “Buddyhead Radio is back on the airwaves folks! We shit you not! Every Monday night from 9pm til whenever he feels like it (or until we run out of beer), Travis Keller will be playing records and whatever else happens. Usually he’ll have a “special guest” with him, which means whoever gives him a ride to the station gets to be on the air too!!! You can listen to the show online @ Little Radio or on your FM radio @ 87.9FM if you are in Los Angeles (mainly the east side and Hollywood). Check out this temp radio page for updates. While the show is on air, you can instant message them at BUDDYHEADRADIO….

This monday – 06/28/04: Ronnie from Your Enemies Friends will be in the studio to play some records, talk some smack, and maybe even play some songs on his guitar. Who knows what will happen? Either way it’s gonna be WILD! Tune in to the world’s best radio show bitches.


  1. Wow guys from small towns in Idaho can do anything. I remember when Travis was making indi skate and rollerblade movies.

  2. yeah dude the show is bitchin’ listen next week, Jimi Hey from All Night Radio will be in the studio playing records with me…. and it was a college town you Anonymous motherfucker.

  3. Don’t worry travis I’m from one of the small fuck towns in Idaho. Moscow is hardly a college town, even though there is a college there. Love the show, keep it up.

  4. you’re tripping balls… hardly a college town? there’s a college in the fucking town and washington state is 5 miles away… what more do you need to be a college town?

  5. college towns suck. ….its nice to here you back on the airwaves. Finally someone who plays decent music.

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