I need a lay(down).

So I’ve been bouncing around the country for the last month and got home last night to my uber-crappy blow-up queen sized mattress on the floor. I’m going to buy a real bed this week if it kills me. So anyone know of a good place to buy good beds in Hollywood? And by good I mean like a Sealy or Serta mattress and a frame. None of this futon shit or some kind of designer bed no one can afford. Like a good plain old bed like the rest of the country sleeps on. Anyone?

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  1. I hate to be a craigslist asshole [CL is sooo 8 months ago!], but it’s the bomb for furniture and beds and the like. I got my queen size for free off of it [just had to pick it up, and it’s actually nice] but there are always peeps in brentwood or century city that have super nice beds and are upgrading, so you can get the old one for dirt cheap

  2. Are you on Crack? Buying a *used* bed off craigs list? That’s hands down the grossest thing I’ve heard all month.

    Jason – Sit n’ Sleep. Larry Miller will hook you up!

  3. Yeah, you’ve heard his ads. They’ll beat anyone’s advertised price or your mattress is… free. And free delivery to boot. ^_^

  4. My suggestion would be Sears.

    You can do the whole thing online, and the prices are as low as anywhere else.

    It’s a big company that you can count on the warranty for in a couple years.

  5. Sit’n Sleep sells bed frames?

    I’m not sure what qualifies as “designer bed no one can afford”, unless you’re talking about stores like Poliform, Flou, and Design Within Reach. http://www.danishdesign-usa.com (located in Irvine) has a lot of nice bed frames, some of which are actually not too expensive. They’re not cheap either (go to IKEA if you want cheap), but since most don’t need a box spring, you can save some money there.

  6. again with the skelramics… they were just showing us thier bed form sit and sleep and they were really happy with it all.

  7. The mattresss industry on the whole is one giant lie. Does anyone ever cut up their matttress to see if it’s like the cut out they saw at the store? Hmmm? They slap on different fabrics on the same mattresses and give them different names selling them at different stores so you can’t comparison shop them. A good mattress should last you ten years. Two sources are worth checking out…
    If you have to have a name brand you recognize try Richard Pratt’s Matttress Warehouse in Northridge. 818.349.8118. He sells mis-matched sets and manufacturer remainders. You can legitimately save 30%-50%.You might consider custom. Comes out to 30%-40% less and you know what goes into it. Your not paying for the mass martketing and advertising of those over hyped chains or labels. Angel’s Mattress in Lawndale is good one to try 310.793.1799.
    BTW, used mattress… are you mad? Do you know what went on in that bed?

  8. Jim Mtg. is a great source. Located in Los Angeles. I had a queen size bed made for less than $350. This included the mattress, box spring (with warranty)and a beautiful headboard. I only had to put 10% down which was about 30 bucks. They delivered in about 3 weeks which is when I paid the remaining balance. Free delivery in Los Angeles. The address is 1330 E. Slauson Avenue. ph 323.588.9360. They have several styles to choose from however if you want a footboard, the price will probably be a bit higher. The beds are all wood which tends to be a bit more traditional in style. Needless to say, it is a great deal and you may be able to design something on your own.

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