Glad to See Integrity Flourishing in the LA Journalistic Community

Found this ad on La Liste du Craig:

Help! Busted Journalist! Need Voice Actor

Hey. I’m a freelance journalist in a bit of hot water here. I wrote a story for a major national publication detailing how easy it is to buy false I.D. in the Hispanic areas of L.A. I’ve been able, as the magazine requires, to provide verification of all of my sources but for one — I quoted a street source I called “Paco”. Problem is in the wake of Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass and all that they want to verify EVERYTHING. And there is no Paco. I made him up. So I need a good voice actor to call my editor and pretend to be Paco for verfication purposes. I’ll provide a script for you as well.

Anyone wanna make a quick $500 bucks?

One thought on “Glad to See Integrity Flourishing in the LA Journalistic Community”

  1. And faster than you can say Jayson Blair, the ad’s been removed (either they found their actor or were shamed รณ my vote’s for the former).

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