Well, Jane’s anyway. Super blog detective Jonah has just uncovered the blog of most of the dudes from Janes Addiction. Right now it’s all band stuff, but they live in LA and how much can they really tallk about their new song?

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  1. It’s Dave Navarro’s page, the guitarist, and Steven Perkins the dummer has posted an entry. Volalist Perry Farrell hasn’t given up any text there yet, and bassist Eric Avery hasn’t been heard from in a lil’ while. Eric is actually the one member of the original four who didn’t rejoin the party. He had a band afterwards, Polar Bear, that was good but didn’t get traction I guess.

    I used to run what may have been the first Jane’s Addiction fan site, back in 1994ish. Fortunately, it’s been eclipsed so people don’t email me questions about the band any more. Hard to keep track of aging, reuniting megabands –

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