The Art Of Work & The Work Of Art

Just found out via L.A. Observed that Caryn and sixspace got great ink from writer Kristin Friedrich in this week’s Los Angeles Downtown News. Way to go Caryn!

And yeah, our fearless leader Sean is mentioned as well, but it seems he gets press about once a week so that’s become old hat.

Quoted in the article is artist Coop. “I like Caryn’s choices in the artists she shows. She’s really shuffling the deck, artist-wise. I like being shown in the same gallery with other artists of such divergent styles.”

The feature’s subhead calls her a “cadet gallerist,” perhaps ’cause she’s still such a young gun, but I think she’s earned a promotion to at least Lieutenant-Cadet.

Read it here.

2 thoughts on “The Art Of Work & The Work Of Art”

  1. Greg – how could you think for one second that they COULDN’T resist taking snaps of him. They actually took A LOT of pictures with me and The Dude but, alas, they did not make the issue. I was kind of hoping that they would…his cute little mug takes some of the attention off me. The photographer was pushing for it but I don’t think the writer or editors did. I think he makes a better story anyway but what do I know!

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