Radio Free Joe

Flavorpill brings word of the screening of a new documentary about the Original Punk Rock Warlord, next Monday night at the Los Angeles Film School.

Anybody who’s spent even a little time with me in the past few years knows that I have developed something of an obsession with Joe Strummer. His second-to-last album, Global A Go-Go, stayed in my CD player every day for a whole year, over which time my favorite track changed a half-dozen times. I’ve spent hours trolling the back corners of P2P nets looking for recordings of his out-of-print solo album, Earthquake Weather, his score for films Permanent Record and When Pigs Fly, and for the rare, bootlegged, original 2-disc version of Combat Rock, known as Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg. I even almost put a bid in on his T-Bird when it was auctioned on Ebay.

NO CHANCE I’m missing this screening.

One thought on “Radio Free Joe”

  1. I’ve had an almost identical experience – and now I learn I could have bought his car – the same model I rented from Rent-A-Wreck to propose to my girlfriend in 10 years ago.

    Strummer was a bloody genius, and it’s a cruel trick of fate that both he and Joey Ramone left us in the same year. Global a-GoGo and Streetcore are in constant rotation on my headphones.

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