Why, oh why, won’t you die?

Believe it or not, I’m actually not referencing the white-trash-cum-popstar, shown in this photo shortly after returning to LA. Instead, I’d like to call your attention to her choice of footwear. Granted, it’s been fairly gloomy as of late, but you still shoudn’t be wearing sheepskin boots when it’s JUNE IN LOS ANGELES. When is this trend going to die???

7 thoughts on “Why, oh why, won’t you die?”

  1. i’m ALMOST willing to cut her some slack because of the knee-brace and all…

  2. c’mon…get over your ankle fetish….FINALLY girls have some cuddly shoe wear when we don’t want to don the stilletos and everyone goes ape-shit! It’s like those days when we just don’t feel like wearing a thong and someone points out we have pantylines. Uggs are just plain fun to muck around in. And Gawd, it’s so fun to irritate with so little effort!

  3. That’s one of looking at it Tammara, but it’s quite a stretch to say that people are going ape-shit because women are wearing something besides stilettos. If I were opposed to comfortable shoes, don’t you think I’d be posting left and right about girls in Vans and Berkenstocks and crappy Payless sandals? Anyone who thinks that women in L.A. are wearing Uggs are wearing them because they’re comfortable and not because they’re popular is deluded. That’s what’s so annoying about them. It’s like wearing a stamp on your forehead that says “Brain-Dead Fasion Zombie,” only not as cool. But if you’re sporting them because they’re comfortable, then more power to you!

  4. It’s kinda like when you want a little comfort…I mean the truth is baby soft cuddle comfort is hard to come by as an adult….we all love soft and warm….you get a tiny hit of it when you are laying around cuddly after some righteous sex or when you ease into a perfect bath or find the perfect cup of coffee….and when you slip on your uggs and dance around the house naked. Simple things.
    Okay, I DO agree, they are a stupid fashion statement….and probably should only be worn around the house when you are alone dancing around naked….but the way men have reacted sooo vehemently is rather charming and quaint.

  5. Hmm, I thought the trend WAS over. It seemed as much when I read an Entertainment Weekly article about Kate Hudson few weeks ago and they mentioned how the poster for her new movie featured hear wearing those “so last season” UGGs. I figure if a mainstream mag like EW can dis em like that, then it must truly be the death knell of a fad. Personally, glad to see ’em go–wear ’em if you surf or are really cold, but please, no more trucker hat/mini skirt/UGG combos. Thanks.

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