The sun hadn’t come over top yet, having driven to”that” side of sunset, in hollywood, where maybe beautiful people reside, there seemed to be a lot of ambient crowd noise from tourists and innocent bystanders – Skater tony hawk gave a press conference right outside the chinese theatre, with model rachel hunter nearby signing autograpsh. Overhead, moto cross bikers flew through the air doing tricks and crazy aerials. Stopping by the griddle, the restaurant is crowded with hungry hip people. The pretty girl at the booth smiled at me. What do you know, its skater tara lapinsky (it would have been easier to recognize her if she wore a whispy skirt) . Across from us is director kevin smith. I don’t know what he’s eating, probably an omelette of some sort.

Later that night, the moment was melancholy. My softball team had lost, the score, 2 to 18. Maybe that wasn’t the exact score but it was close enough. As one spectator said, the game was, “god awful”, while another remarked, it was the worst game of softball they had ever seen. It was difficult to deny. We were not happy.

Down toward the other side of town, where sunset changes to ceasar chavez blvd, is a little food truck – roach coaches is what we called them, as kids not knowing if that was pc or not, that served taco’s and burritos. There’s two little men inside, speaking in spanish-english. I order a couple of tacos, it was close to midnight, they were about to close. I don’t know if they would have stayed open for me if I got there any later since I’m not a celebrity or anything. But it didn’t matter anyway, I was almost home.