Fringe Element

Just saw this “job” posting on Craigslist L.A.:

JMI Productions, a fledgling Hollywood based company, seeks four strong writers who are NOT established. If you are hungry, living along the margins of society, and can barely pay your rent, you are perfect. We need you to satarize [sic] Hollywood and your tangential relationship to it by contributing articles and or entries to an irreverent blog largely based on the pathetic, surrealistic, and occasionally humorous lives that you lead. The blog was to be called The Fringe but that is taken already so if you have a cool, edgy name suggestion that would be great. We are looking to launch this site by mid August and we will need everything written for our first few issues by late July. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fluke which might turn out to be something. Pay will be negotiated and is subject to increase with the avalanche of advertisers that we are expecting. Believe it or not, people really want to hear your story before you become famous. Please send a writing sample and contact info with your e mail. No attatchments [sic] please.

“Avalanche of advertisers!” “You become famous!” “Fluke!”

Don’t get me wrong; I’m as enthusiastic as, um, the next really enthusiastic person when it comes to self-publishing ventures, but luring people who can barely pay their rent with the unlikely prospect of high-paying Internet stardom sounds a bit sleazy to me.

Also, if the ideal applicant is “living along the margins of society,” how the crap are they even reading this Internet ad in the first place? Do they have wi-fi in their cardboard box under the 101? How will they be submitting their writing samples? At least they don’t need to buy word-processing software, since they can’t send attachments.

It’s a shame about that “edgy” name being taken.

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