With my car in the shop, I’m blogging from the back of the number 4 bus, currently tearing down Santa Monica Blvd. at a breakneck 2 miles an hour.I’ve been walking and bussing a lot the past coupla days, and it’s amazing how different this city looks from that perspective. For one thing, it’s much uglier. The strip malls are gargantuan, endless. On foot, it’s easy to get lost in the sprawl. For the first time, I think I understand just how frickin’ HUGE Los Angeles is.

3 thoughts on “Busblogging”

  1. what’s wrong with the car?
    I’m sorry to hear that computer work really IS hurting you.
    And congratulations. We are now divorced, and free to remarry!

  2. one day I hope and pray to be as cool as Jay. Maybe then I will have my very own cyberstalker!

  3. I dunno … I think Broadway in downtown (from 1st to Pico) is much more manageable on a bus than in a car.

    Certain parts of Hollywood & Sunset Blvd. however … I agree with you fully.

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