White Ain’t Right

wc.jpgRegardless of how exciting or slick or buzz-building a film’s ad campaign may be, it factors little into whether I’m ultimately gonna catch it at the Arclight or add it later on to my Netflix queue. But occasionally that special movie comes along whose pre-release promotion affronts me with something so truly awful as to guarantee I’ll stay out of the cineplex.

Such is the case with “White Chicks” and the near nausea its countless billboards bring whenever I look however briefly upon Shawn and Marlon Wayans done up in ridiculous fashion like scary white trash Stepford twins. Never mind the obviously flimsy premise or wafer-thin plot (though both are probably easy targets for ridicule), those billboards have told me everything about the film I need to know, which is to stay the hell away. As painful as it is to see them in print, I can’t conceive watching them shticking it up through such a lame, gag-filled and gag-enducing feature.

3 thoughts on “White Ain’t Right”

  1. Wow Will,

    I wonder if you would come down on a similar flick and PR campaign entitled “Black Dicks?” No insinuations but just wondering.


  2. Man, that whole family has never been that funny. And that includes the one brother who is suppose to be the funniest. I haven’t seen the sister lately but maybe she’s the one with the brains of the sibling and said “you know, we really ain’t that funny”.

  3. Now that you mention it Jack, I think “Black Dick” was the working title of C. Thomas Howell’s even more ridiculously stupifying “Soul Man.”

    And too true, Bill. “White Chicks” mighta maybe been a funny three-minute sketch on “In Living Color” 13 years ago, but just the mention of the long gone “ILC” is proof of how far their funny has fallen.

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