Everything’s better when it sparkles

I was shopping yesterday and had to stop for a moment and admire these beauties in the middle of summer!

Because I was just saying to myself, what I really need is a pair of UGGs. And then I realized that plain old UGGs weren’t enough.

I need me some rhinestone faux-UGGs in pastel colors. I’m sure many focus groups went into discovering the perfect combination of color, size of rhinestones and of course the designs.

(For the record I bought myself a pair of not-quite-on-the-edge-of-fashion but always-practical Pumas.)

Click on the photo for enlarged goodness!

6 thoughts on “Everything’s better when it sparkles”

  1. Proof positive that our city is filled with good little consumers who aren’t ashamed to obey any fad, no matter how retarded.

    Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that it was designer cowboy hats? Now if the two could somehow be combined into one snazzy outfit for a night on the town…

    Can we make it happen? Please?

  2. I was looking at froogle this morning, the google shopping site, and came across this:

    froo∑gle (fru’gal) n. Smart shopping through Google.

    A few of the items recently found with Froogle: Ugg Boots

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