SENT phonecam art show launches online with Motorola

Phonecam photographers, contribute to SENT! The phonecam art show I’m co-curating with B.LA’s Sean and Caryn — the first show of its kind in America — is online, and you are invited to share your futurephone snapshots of the world with the world. The website is live now, and a gallery show will open at a downtown Los Angeles space on July 9.

Motorola is sponsoring the show, and they’ve provided some late-model camera phones for each of the 30 participating artists. The list includes B.LA’s own Jason D., Wil Wheaton, and Kathleen McGivney, as well as Megan Mullally of TV’s “Will and Grace,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, “Weird” Al Yankovic, and a number of renowned photographers and filmmakers.

The invited artists’ images will debut at the gallery show in July, and images submitted by the public are available for viewing right now.

National Public Radio’s “Day to Day” program issued a “Phonecam Challenge” to their listeners in partnership with the show — NPR listeners from around the world submitted images to SENT, and five winning entries will be recognized after review by a panel of judges including “Day to Day” host Alex Chadwick.

Link, and instructions on how to submit your phonecam art are here. the NPR “Day to Day” Phonecam Challenge is here.

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