J.Lo’s Married Again!


Latin love is in high gear this weekend as J.Lo (ahem, the reincarnation of Liz Taylor, who’s not even dead yet!) and hot Latin lova Marc Anthony has “reportedly” tied the knot this weekend in an ultra low-key ceremony in her “Los Angeles mansion.”

Don’t worry if you weren’t invited, Ricky Martin was indeed there to pass along good tidings. But man, isn’t this just so fabulous? I mean, finally, I don’t have to worry about the poor girl getting a man anymore. Phew, what a load off my mind!

It’s interesting this happened the same weekend Reagan died. Coincedence or intense desire for publicity? You decide!

9 thoughts on “J.Lo’s Married Again!”

  1. Damn it! I guess I’d better get cracking on my goal of being my generation’s Elizabeth Taylor. J-Lo is beating me 3-1 so far. Crap!

  2. If homosexuals are free to marry other homosexuals, why shouldn’t J.Lo be free to marry for a third time?

  3. I’m just glad we were spared the months of vapid hell that she caused with Ben. Then again I can’t say I give a shit about her in the least either way.

  4. This Generation’s Liz Taylor??!!!!

    What…..I don’t get it…she can’t hold a candle to her….Did you ever see pictures of her when she was really young? Liz Taylor was one of the most beautiful of her generation….I don’t see that with JLO…..But she is definitely one of the most publisized.

    How about Catherine Zeta Jones or maybe Monica Beluchi….

  5. She’s this generation’s Liz Taylor because of the number of times she’s been married or almost married. Not comparable in any other way.

  6. >If homosexuals are free to marry other homosexuals,
    >why shouldn’t J.Lo be free to marry for a third time?

    How ’bout we turn that around and ask “If J-Lo is legally allowed to make such a mockery out of marriage why aren’t we allowing gay people who want to make a real commitment marry?”

  7. There are tons of really hot PR chicks out there, but this Jennifer Lopez was never one of them. Look at her early pics from before Puffy, and what you see is a hard, coarse-looking woman. Even with the world’s best groomers, she still looks harsh and isn’t aging well. But then, I’m a bitch for writing all this.

  8. Have met her and she looks like just another pretty girl from PR…except for the big bucks part. I guess she gets married for her personality.

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