Dear LA Weekly,

Please check your calendar, does it say 1996? No? Then why does your new website design think it is? Did you hire a designer using a time machine? Find a designer who has been in jail for the past 8 years? In case I’m beating around the bush too much, the facelife blows. I’d continue to insult you but I’m feeling a bit queezy after looking at those colors.

P.S. – Mack Reed has a lot more to say about this than I do.

One thought on “Dear LA Weekly,”

  1. Oh man, all of their art direction sucks. We’ve been talking about it for a year. Another designer here even wrote them a letter about it (which they asked to run, but he declined). The only decent covers they have anymore are when they hire an illustrator. Otherwise it’s all bad Photoshop filters and layer effects. Ugh.

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