Rance Outed!

LA’s most famous sekrit blogger might not be anymore. This weekend some of the b.la posse were discussing how to do just thig, but seems we’ve been beaten to the punch. Alex Boese at the Museum of Hoaxes drops science all over Rance’s ass and outs him as not the A-lister he claimes to be, but a cartoonist/filmmaker/screenwriter named Keith Thomson. It’s not confimed, but he’s got some good backup:

I think Rance is a cartoonist/filmmaker/screenwriter named Keith Thomson. Here’s my reasoning. What immediately struck me about Rance’s weblog was that it attracted a very high number of comments from very early on. Within two hours after Rance posted his first entry on December 29, 2003, four people had left comments on his site. Most weblogs, by contrast, struggle to get anyone to read them, let alone leave comments. So how was he attracting so many visitors to his site straight off the bat? What I discovered was that immediately after Rance posted his first entry on Dec. 29 at 4:49 EST, someone going by the screen name ‘InvaderFromPluto’ began posting messages about his weblog on various fan discussion groups. For instance, at 5:52, about one hour after Rance had posted his first entry, a message from InvaderFromPluto appears on Yahoo’s thematthewperryplace message board. It reads:

i read slate reported a famous tv actor keeping a weblog under pseudonym “rance” at http://captainhoof.tripod.com/blog/ it’s hard to know if it is him, but it might be as it is funny and seems witty in his sort of way

Obviously Slate hadn’t written anything about Rance’s weblog. Rance’s weblog, at that time, was only an hour old. So how did InvaderFromPluto know about Rance’s weblog so quickly, and why was he so interested in promoting it? Perhaps InvaderFromPluto was Rance himself. Makes sense to me.

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3 thoughts on “Rance Outed!”

  1. It will be very interesting to see if this theory is true! So many people seem to have fallen so completely for Rance. He even has a whole flock of Brazilian girls writing him in giggly and broken English!

  2. I don’t know who this “Alex Boese” is and why he had all this time to uncover “Rance”, but I must say, that was pretty fucking cool. And the “museum of hoaxes”, even better yet.

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