Calling cute girls in L.A./O.C. who want to see the Counting Crows

Want to see the Counting Crows?
My friend Mike Doss (and future OC metroblogger) has one ticket to see the Counting Crows tomorrow (July 1) at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa. The seats are in the front row of section 6 – good seats.

Would you like to go? His girlfriend can’t make it, but she says he should bring a date. If you’re a Counting Crows fan, cute, female, and between 18 and 30, leave a comment or email him. Preference goes to friends (or friends of friends), but even if you’re a stranger, you’ll be considered.



While my wounded car languishes in limbo waiting for the adjuster, I have a minivan as a rental. Normally I would get a unicycle before getting a minvan, but I need to cargo space for my move this weekend. So I took the van (which I’ve affectionately christened the S.S . Halliburton) in for refueling today. It cost $50.

$50 for a tank of gas, for the love of Pete!

Cybele, I think I’m going to have to steal your car.

We appreciate your business Thank You Thank You

L.A. is the 6th Best City for Singles

Forbes has released its 2004 list of Best Cities for Singles and L.A. has ranked #6 on the list (up from #7 last year).

Check out the brief write up on the Los Angeles single’s scene. (The methodology for the list.)

Since I’m happily out of the dating scene, I can only guess what it’s like out there. For any Angelenos who want to consider a “better” city for singles, maybe you should hightail it to one of the top 5 cities for singles:

1. Denver-Boulder
2. Washington-Baltimore
3. Austin
4. Atlanta
5. Boston

Finding pauline…


My friend Shari comes down every summer to do an ongoing internship at giant robot magazine. We share the same sensibility of shoe style although we cant trade since she’s a smaller size than me. She’s a cool chick, no angelina jolie (i mean, who really is?) but she is an 1337 h4x0r….well, she did back door into the head of the meteorology dept and down load the tests so I guess that makes her an acidburn which happens to be miss jolies greatest role. So maybe shari is jon voight’s daughter.

So shari dials me into this place called the barcade. Super secret she says. Don’t tell anyone. Ok, I won’t “tell” anyOne. Outside of koreatown, off western, is this non descript door, where a flight of old stairs lead up to a small room with 12 video games ranging from joust to paper boy. And two pinball machines for the casual player. A 3 foot bar to the right serving alcohol to anyone without an id, a dj blasting 80’s song, and not the one hit wonder ones either, while people are smoking packs inside this humid sweatshop of a room. At midnight, it gets uncontrollably crowded which is good cuz I don’t like people dancing while I’m trying to defeat my donkey kong. We leave before our clothes gets drenched with sweat and nicotine. As we exit the now people lined stairs, its too late, we smell like stink.

I, myself am not “cool” or even “korean”. But thats ok. As long as I got friends that are cool to me, I’ll have a good time anywhere. Particularly with miss jolie.

New Kid in Town

LA Blogs and LA Observed let the cat out of the bag with the Los Angeles version of gothamist – called LAist. Thats a backdoor link to their uber secret archives, but I’m guessing in the next few days will get you the content you are craving. Jake, listed on the Chicago About page told me this was in the works the day Jason and I announced Metblogs. I guess their plan is 5 cities, with 2-3 writers in each place. It’s clearly different than our model, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with. If nothing else, it always good to have another place to look for things going on in your town.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Caryn and I went to Universal yesterday for her birthday. The main goal was to see JAWS pop out of the water. That ruled. The rest… not so much.

We had a good time making fun of people all day, but for the most part that place is G H E T T O. The “Van Helsing” ride (“ride” is bullshit – you have to walk yourself through) is *barely* a step above a haunted house at a traveling carnival – the entire thing boils down to 4 people jumping out saying “boo” or whatever. And I swear to god it’s the land of the 10 thousand ADD kids who, in addition to being possessed by satan, have parents who let them run completely wild and have zero concern for anyone else around them. And holy crap are people fat. And it’s official, it’s nineteen eighty-sucks fasion all over again. And WTF is up with the Jurrassic Park ride? Why didn’t they just put a dino hat on me and throw me in a pool? At least that would have been honest. And if 100 people fit in a room for a show, maybe just put 100 people in there rather than squeezing 250 in. IT’S DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE. I didn’t just fork out all that cash to be uncomfortable. I just posted some pics I snapped on my phonecam though out the day.

Maybe I’ll write more later. Maybe I’ll just try to forget it.


My friend Travis is taking back the airwaves or whatever. He says: “Buddyhead Radio is back on the airwaves folks! We shit you not! Every Monday night from 9pm til whenever he feels like it (or until we run out of beer), Travis Keller will be playing records and whatever else happens. Usually he’ll have a “special guest” with him, which means whoever gives him a ride to the station gets to be on the air too!!! You can listen to the show online @ Little Radio or on your FM radio @ 87.9FM if you are in Los Angeles (mainly the east side and Hollywood). Check out this temp radio page for updates. While the show is on air, you can instant message them at BUDDYHEADRADIO….

This monday – 06/28/04: Ronnie from Your Enemies Friends will be in the studio to play some records, talk some smack, and maybe even play some songs on his guitar. Who knows what will happen? Either way it’s gonna be WILD! Tune in to the world’s best radio show bitches.



Los Angeles – Turning the tables on humans who always pick their pets, Who Gets the Dog? is a one-hour reality program in which the dogs decide where and with whom they want to live. Each week, one lucky dog packs his or her bags and journeys to three different homes in search of a new family.

The dogs, from local animal shelters in the Los Angeles area, spend 24 hours in each home. After playing and participating in various activities, each dog with the help of three pet experts, ultimately decides which family to call its own

Animal Planet and LMNO Productions developed WHO GETS THE DOG? with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to pre-approve families for dog adoption and ensure the dogs’ experiences result in finding a happy home. The organizations created a questionnaire for the show’s potential dog owners modeled after animal shelter adoption applications and HSUS recommended activities to acquaint the dogs with the families.

If you or a family you know is looking for a pet and would like to appear on a national television show, please log on to Contestants can also call the Who Gets the Dog? hotline at 888 751-8088.


skunk.gifSo I’m over at my girlfriend Susan’s house Sunday and we’ve capped off a wonderfully mellow day with a recently finished dinner of grilled shrimp and scallop kabobs and corn and stuffed mushrooms and we’re settled in front of the TV watching a rerun of “The Daily Show.” Night has long fallen, the dog’s at our feet and the backdoor’s open a crack so that Susan’s cat Binker can come on back in when he’s done with his prowling.

I hear a sound from back there and think it’s the cat, but a moment later Susan says “Baby? There’s a skunk in the kitchen.” I scramble out from under the coffee table and tell her to grab the dog, who thankfully hadn’t noticed that there was a skunk in the freakin’ house. She does and I proceed cautiously toward it, but clapping as I go in hopes to startle it back outside. I get near the doorway and all I see is skunk tail sticking straight up like it’s ready to fire away and the rest of it is around a corner with its head buried in the dog’s food bowl gobbling up the untouched combo of Purina kibble and Pedigree canned food at which the dog had turned her snooty nose up earlier. She can be such a spoiled brat.

The clapping I’m doing does nothing to deter the creature who’s not deserting this fresh easy meal, so I double back closing the door to the bedroom just to give it one less place to run. My next weapon of choice? My guitar. And I again advance toward the kitchen bringing with me a barrage of hastily strummed chords (A-minor to E-minor mostly) in hopes that music might send the savage beastie soothingly on its way. There’s the tail again, still defiantly rigid, and not going anywhere.

Ok, bed is a go. What about ink?

I need more tats. That’s all there is to it. I’m marking a new chapter to my life and I need a marker. I will skip food and luxury for a new tat. I need recommendations with testimonials. Tat’s are totally subjective so I need to see work with these. Almost all of the good artists I know are back in Chicago and could only afford if I mortgaged my non-existent house and sold my ass on Santa Monica. Not gonna happen. So if you’ve gotten good ink in LA/Hollywood hook me up with referrals. Must be local!

The first tat I want to add onto is a little tribal on my right arm so hit me with the best freeform tribal guys/gals you have. Yes I have a tat done by a girl so I’m not biased. It was in Dublin and she had this totally HOT accent so she could have given me one of those gay ass Taz tats and I’d love it though. no offense to the gay crowd. It’s a hetero thing.

I need a lay(down).

So I’ve been bouncing around the country for the last month and got home last night to my uber-crappy blow-up queen sized mattress on the floor. I’m going to buy a real bed this week if it kills me. So anyone know of a good place to buy good beds in Hollywood? And by good I mean like a Sealy or Serta mattress and a frame. None of this futon shit or some kind of designer bed no one can afford. Like a good plain old bed like the rest of the country sleeps on. Anyone?

Automotive Eyesores Update!


Meanwhile, I saw this ridiculous Ford Expedition leaving the observatory parking lot, and had to snap a photo as it was leaving.

This thing was screaming “Bling, bling!” for all the wrong reasons:

  1. The pissing Calvin sticker.
  2. The spinning rims.
  3. The hanging testicles(!), which you might notice are being restrained. Does the driver not have the proverbial “balls” to let them hang loose for everyone to see? (After that discussion about automotive eyesores, Joz, this is actually the first time I’ve actually seen someone’s car in LA with that ridiculous decoration).
  4. The type of music being blasted. Why is it when people blast their music, I *never* have the inclination to roll down my window and ask them, “Hey, what’s that song? That fucking rocks!”
  5. The driver was a young Asian punk. He was *not* representin’! :(