Something cool that happened to me one evening in Hollywood

I was just feeling a bit nostalgic and was remembering one fun night that my friends and I spent at the Egyptian Theater seeing an old film. We got there pretty early and scored a good set of seats up front on the left flank. I think we inadvertently snuck by a few guards to get there but that kind of thing seems to happen to us a lot. File under random acts of weirdness. So anyway we sit down and are waiting and watching the theater fill up and waiting for the show to start. As show-time approaches the guest star of the evening arrives. The guest star is the actual star of the film we’re waiting to see and a cult and mainstream film hero and very controversial back in the real world. Don’t worry. I’ll let you know who it is and the name of the film soon enough. The star and his family, including his young grandson, take up seats in the row just behind us with the star sitting directly in the seat behind me. My hands are shaking at this point. HE is sitting behind ME! Only in Hollywood does this happen. I expected to go see an old classic on the big screen for the first time and now a star that I’ve watched since childhood is 3 feet away from me watching one of his most famous movies. God I love this town! So the movie begins and there are smattered rounds of applause in the classic scenes but the best moment came when there was a mention in the film about a “gelding”. Little grandson leans over to big grandpa superstar and asks, “Grandpa, what’s a gelding?”. In the context of the situation it was the best line of the film. I almost blew popcorn out my nose but stifled the laugh as not to embarrass said superstar in the middle of his own movie. So we come to the end of the film and applause ensues and gets louder and louder and the emcee points out where the star is sitting. The audience then bursts into a standing ovation and is all looking at the star so I decided to keep sitting so the rest of the audience could see. I still had a huge shit eatin’ grin on my face and was clapping till my hands hurt so there was no disrespect at all. For my trouble Mister Charleton Heston looked down at me, smiled and winked. He then went on to answer audience questions about the classic film “Planet of the Apes”. One of the best star laden evenings I’ve ever had in Hollywood.

4 thoughts on “Something cool that happened to me one evening in Hollywood”

  1. I can’t help it. Whenever I think of Heston, three images always spring to mind: Him howling through his teeth at the melted Statue of Liberty, shouldering his sniper rifle in “Omega Man” and him getting completely disemboweled by Roger Moore in “Bowling for Columbine.”

  2. Meanwhile the most recent celeb sighting I had was a plastered Gary Busey over at Club Good Hurt on Venice on Saturday night. ^_^

  3. Heh. Drinks are way too expensive though. $5.00 for a Corona, and $7.00 for a Red Bull and vodka. And the DJ was playing music way too loudly. I know what you’re thinking, but I have a high tolerance for loud music, and this was way too loud. But the bartenders were very attractive. :)

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