Boy, that’s a chipper ‘hood you got there.

As another season of apartment hunitng begins, here’s another question from the Noo Yawker:

With my extremely limited grasp of Spanish, I could be egregiously wrong, but doesn’t Los Feliz translate as “The Happy?” Who in the hell names their neighborhood “The Happy?”

I guess that’s the polar opposite of Hell’s Kitchen.

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  1. Literally, “Los Feliz” doesn’t make much sense. “Los” is a plural article — it should be “Los Felices,” at least.

  2. My favorite of those strange translations is The La Brea Tar Pits …

    La Brea means tar … so it’s The Tar Tar Pits.

    Which kinda sounds like it means a raw meat pit to me.

  3. Las Vegas: The Meadows (funny how a desert has a name that envisions green grass)
    El Segundo: The Second (Who’s the first?)
    Los Banos: The Baths (but a ‘bano’ is also the word for “bathroom”)
    La Mirada: The Glance (or perhaps the Look? the view?)

  4. I thought “The Meadows” was the secret lodge in the Colorado Mountains where the Pentavirate holds their clandestine meetings on how to control the world.

  5. los feliz was originally part of “rancho los feliz” where feliz was the owning family’s surname. hence the weird plural relationship.

    but silverlake … i mean, come on. we have a (now unused) reservoir that changes color according to what chemicals DWP chooses to dump in it. in no way has the thing ever been silver or a lake.

  6. With a name like the ‘City of the Angels’, you have to keep with the theme………most likely why most of our Spanish names in California are the names of Saints…( ie San Pedro, Santa Monica, San Diego etc.)

    California’s Spanish heritage makes me wonder why I never learned Spanish. Isn’t that suppose to become the majority language here in the next couple of years? Arnold has another language to learn……..

  7. here’s a good one. According to the “Learn Spanish Pronto!” booklet (bought from Olvera Street), TIJUANA = Aunty Jane.

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