Hollywood Gags Me with a Spoon

So I’m at this panel discussion for bloggers in Hollywood and bloggers and politics that Sean dragged me to. Let me just say I love nothing more than hearing “Industry” people complaining. Wait, there is something I love more…right wing conservatives complaining about the liberal bias in movies and televison. It isn’t enough that they control politics right now we have to complain that there haven’t been any movies made about the conservative side of Roe v. Wade. Puh-lease.

Anyway, everyone here has a tres important opinion…isn’t that cool? Well, I’m ending my sacasm now and will get back to the holding back my vomit.

12 thoughts on “Hollywood Gags Me with a Spoon”

  1. I’ve read a couple of accounts about these panels and they sound devoid of any insights whatsoever. Let’s hope the next L.A. blogging discussion draws from a more diverse pool of thinkers and writers.

  2. The accounts make it sound…atrocious. As is always the case when someone opts for agreeable regurgitators and spurns tangential thinking. Fortunately, I had to clean my room and could not attend.

  3. To generalize about a group I don’t like anyway, I think its interesting that the right wing conservatives blame hollywood as a whole for the liberal bias in film and media. Conversely, you don’t see the leftist blame the republican party for putting in a shithead for the president.

  4. Stay tough, darlin! please don’t let the ‘wingers dominate the local blogging scene.

  5. You need to move away from all this blogging and focus on getting a man, a good man. The road to happiness for a young woman such as yourself requires that you spend most of the next twenty years as a good wife and mother. Leave the politics to the men-folk, who have the testosterone to make things happen.

  6. Blogging is to the woman of the today what cats were to the women of yesterday – a poor substitute for a husband, a home, and a family. Turn off your computer, tart yourself up a bit, and head out in search of a good man.

  7. John, you’re a cyber anachronism. Crawl over here and let me blog-slap ya.’

  8. The future does not belong to the “modern” feminist type of woman, for she is failing to breed in numbers sufficient to pass on her genes in the Darwinian sense. No, it belongs to the dusky peoples of the earth who, uninfected by any of the nonsensical notions of feminist theory (critical or clitoral), breed prodigiously. Did you know that the average Palestinian woman has between six and eight children each? With numbers like that, you get a surplus population going from which you can readily recruit people for all sorts of specialized tasks. The future belongs to them, not to you, young woman with a blog. So let’s make matters right – you get off your high blog and get yourself pregnant using sperm obtained from your own kind, and pronto.
    —John America

  9. True… The Middle East represents a perfect example of healthy economies based on capitalist ingenuity and good family planning. You’re both highly informed and well edumacated, John America.

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