Volunteers Wanted

dino.jpgIt has come to my attention that the Dino in the White Island Crater will not exist forever. And it’s sad, because Dino probably knew that the acrid environment would shorten his lifespan. Yet this brave Hanna Barbera plastic figure swam across the sea and crawled up a deserted island into a volcanic crater for our amusement.

But cry not, beloved readers, because we can do something to keep his memory alive.

I’m looking for a few brave volunteers who would like to find a webcam in their neighborhood to put up a memorial Dino or other Flintstone’s pen topper. (thanks Koga!) If we get enough people involved, we can probably get a bulk deal on these fellows. Of course in memory of dear White Island Dino, they would wear magenta/purple armbands. (You can just draw them on with a sharpie.)

This one looks like a prime candidate for the Los Angeles AreaHollywood Sign Cam.

10 thoughts on “Volunteers Wanted”

  1. why dont you tell people instead to go to the methodist church in Venice tonight to meet with local Democrats and say hi to Arianna Huffington? What’s wrong with you people? This is the most pointless blog Ive ever seen, and that’s quite a distinction. Go back to Africa!

  2. Hey Nigress…do you know the definition of irony? No, it’s not like goldy or bronzy except made out of iron.

    If you don’t like the site, why do you keep reading and posting comments? Actually, don’t answer that. I really don’t want to know.

    Anybody know if this troll season?

  3. I could be wrong, but I think the irony is that Nigress wasn’t trying to be a tigress. I mean, what politically minded people would seriously waste their evening and precious fossil fuels getting to a church on time to see Arianna Huffinpuff?

  4. That would imply that Arianna Huffington ever has anything worthwhile to say.

  5. Oh god, excuse me, I now understand “irony!” IS that the thing that Vanity Fair said was ended by Sept. 11? Or is it the thing Alanis whatsername sings about? Well, I know it’s something hip and modern. Sorry! I’ll try to get it.

    P.s And youre right about Arianna Huffington! God, what a fucking bore! Blabbing about getting rid of Bush, when she could’ve been talking about Six Feet Under Billboards and stuff. You guys rule! I just wanna be your friend.
    love, N

  6. After a visit to Nigress’ website and reading the first few words of her in-depth essays on topics such as LIP PAINT and BOULDER HOLDERS, I can only conclude from her reaction to what she perceives as our trivialities that she is the high master of mundanity and doesn’t like anyone challenging her claim to that throne.

  7. Thats’ “mistress of mundanity”, by the way. Nice aliteration though, the hallmark of good writing. But Will! What about Irony?? love, N

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