10 thoughts on “New Six Feet Under Wall Ad”

  1. Photo credit to the girl who stood in the middle of the road, braved traffic, and excerised lighting fast photo skills…ahem, me!

  2. Dear Caryn:
    Sure you might have taken it, but I’m the one who told you to take it. I feel that I’m the Jeff Koons of Los Angeles billboard documentation so who actually took what picture or braved what traffic is of minor importance.


  3. um. please remember who found the parking space which provided an excellent view of this billboard. if i had not parked there we would not be having this discussion. i feel like i’m the “driving miss daisy guy” of los angeles billboard documentation.

  4. Parking places, traffic braving, photo skills, Jeff Koons óbah! Cut to the chase: I built this place up when it wasn’t even a gleamspeck in the void of all eternity. Light, color, living things, greenery, water, trailer parks, fire, Lycra, Stanley Kubrick, 8-Track tapes (my bad), Chuck Taylor, Hummers, Uggs (missed that boat didn’t I?), the L.A. River, Rush Limbaugh, Garbage Pail Kids, concrete, glass, black widow spiders, Norman Lear, Bugs Bunny, HBO and all that you can see hear, feel, touch, smell, taste ó IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF ME, GOT IT?! ME ME ME!

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