NFL to L.A.: Didn’t you get any of my messages?

The AP is reporting that the NFL would like to have a team back in Los Angeles within four years. “The league, which has not had a team in the Los Angeles area since the Rams departed for St. Louis 10 years ago, has been working with groups representing sites at Carson, the Coliseum and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. ‘Everyone has been working at this,’ [Commissioner Paul] Tagliabue said. ‘At some point decisions need to be made.'”

NFL, NFL… now why does that name sound so familiar?

Meanwhile, the rest of our dysfunctional local teams forge ahead, brawling with Timberwolves, slogging through slumps, or just keeping quiet and hoping no one notices its league disappearing off the face of the Earth. Our Angelic friends to the south are mired in a decidedly un-Disney-like InjuryWorld. The ennui is truly breathtaking.

However, the WNBA Sparks season is starting and the MLS Galaxy are in first place.

We can only hope the Lakers decide to show up for 6 more wins before their year runs out. If not, T.J. Simers will be really bitchy all summer long. Bitchier than normal.