Sad sad Christmas…

I just learned from my friend Jen that “the powers that be” are closing The Powerhouse and the comic shop on Highland between Hollywood and Franklin. I adore The Powerhouse. It’s one of the last dive bars we have in Hollywood proper. My friend SJ has been working there as long as I can remember so he’s gonna be out of a job. They’re apparently going to build another yuppie-eurotrash shithole. What was wrong with the shithole we already had? They had crappy beer, velvet clown paintings, darts and a great jukebox. Ye Coach and Horses is about all that’s left and it hasn’t been the same since April got hitched and left. Sad sad day. If anyone is going to The Powerhouse anytime soon steal me a clown painting and I’ll buy it off ya when I get back in town. And I’m always open for other little shitty bars in walking distance of Hollywood and Highland. Boardners does NOT count.

6 thoughts on “Sad sad Christmas…”

  1. Coach and Horses is just different, not worse. You should give it another shot. I do 4 nights a week and have fantastico times, or at least interestingly bad enough to provide fodder for zee blog .

  2. Yeah, we were there for a good bit on Tuesday night. It was decent. Just nit the same. We went there 7 days a week when April worked there. It’s a different crowd now. Much better that the bar wench doesn’t have a kill switch to the jukebox. Or the patrons for that matter! And it’s also kinda sad that Bob’s dead now. He rocked.

  3. Oh man, where am I going to go to run into girls I knew from high school, that now look 15 years older than they really are?!

  4. So true about April leaving- I’ve been in chicago a while- so how and when did Bob die?

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