Am I buggin’ ya?

Some folk detest insects, finding the many legged creatures a nuisance and/or frightening. Personally, I love the little buggers. Growing up in a LA suburban hood surrounded by oak trees, desert valleys, creeks and chaparral, I fearlessly (and often stupidly) observed and played with an assortment of local creepy crawlies that included fire ants, black widows, scorpions, praying mantis, tarantulas, pillbugs, caterpillars, and other assortment of six and eight legged animals. Many which were…ahem…”encouraged” to get their fight on in a precursor to UFC bouts, I was a childhood backyard Don King. Gang turf wars between Argentine ants and Fire ants make for epic battles between immigrant and native ant populations. Outlying areas of LA are home to sizable hives of honey bees, a couple of which I’ve had frightening encounters with while trail running (the sound of a swarm is unlike anything you’ve ever heard and makes for record running times). I’ve only been recently introduced to the yelp-inducing house centipede living closer to downtown, and I still think potato bugs /Jerusalem crickets are life from another planet. LA is definitely an entomological soap opera for those with a keen eye and careful foot.

And pretty soon, LA will be an entomological buffet of sorts. Chef Zack Lemann will be cooking his special brand of culinary dishes this Saturday and Sunday at the 18th Annual Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Perhaps they can offer a “you bring it, we cook it” option for insects that day, chinese seafood restaurant style. Bring your appetite and chow down on some “crispy Cajun crickets and poached wax moth larvae appetizers” to your heart’s content.

8 thoughts on “Am I buggin’ ya?”

  1. Oh jesus christ! I’m glad I’m leaving town for this one. That is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard since Bush took the inaugural oath…

  2. Hey! I don’t detest insects. Just the ones in my laundry. If they kept the turf wars outside, I wouldn’t have to wage my own.

    Though I am completely terrified of centipedes. And silverfish give me the jibblies.

    Okay, maybe I am a bug-hater. I should probably go to the bug fair as an anger-management exercise.

  3. Jason, you’re not going to be there to share a steaming plate of garlic and roaches with me? Once it hits your throat, they go back easy!

    Brownyn, embrace your inner arachnid. Wouldn’t an eight armed hug be cozy? Nevermind, that sounds yucky to me too.

  4. A-ha! Potato bugs! That’s what I was telling everyone about at Cybele’s house on fireworks night. Are they not the most awful thing ever?

  5. Ah bugs. Love ’em! I’m outta town this weekend so I’ll be looking forward to the 19th annual bug fair.

    Doing some of my volunteer animal handling stuff at the Zoo last weekend (1st and 3rd Sundays in the Children’s Zoo area at 10:45 and 11:45 and 12:45 if’n you must know), I was displaying a rather feisty Madagascar hissing cockroach who crawled up my hand to the inside of my wrist and started trying to eat me. Didn’t break the skin but gave me a couple-three good pinches before I removed it and dropped it back in its container. THAT’s never happened before. Carniverous roaches? Uh-oh. Or maybe it was my cologne.

  6. Damn you, Will. I’ll never be able to sleep knowing there is such a thing as carnivorous roaches. Unless they’ve escaped from the zoo, I hope they’re only indigenous to Madagascar.

  7. Joz – it gets worse! This was one of the first TV movies I remember watching as a wee kid (a bad idea, I might add).

    Bug! – an earthquake causes a swarm of FIRE-STARTING COCKROACHES to infest and destroy a small town. (jeeze, now I wanna go rent that movie).

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