B.LA Mystery Photo Contest / Vol. 1, No. 6

quinn.jpg Say hey, Blogging.la must draw a pretty cool crowd as it was none other than Thomas Ryan Sebastian, the renowned palentologist and owner of the largest private collection of fossilized Permian fecal specimens who correctly identified last week’s mystery photo subject by answering: “It’s the former Edison Power Station No. 33 off Moulton Avenue (right across from the UPS building).” Who ever said Permian palentologists don’t know their shit? Not me! But really, I kid… Thomas Ryan Sebastian isn’t a paleontologist… he just has a real formal and proper sounding name that leaves me to make crap like that up. He’s also this week’s winner. There’s also a sticker in it for special “K” who followed up Thomas Ryan Sebastian with a link to more info about the building. Kudos.

Clue: It took several downtown walkarounds to finally find this popular and well-documented mural. Telling who it depicts will getcha a tattered copy of “Zorba The Greek.” Telling me it’s exact location will get you the glory that comes with being named champion.

tinytush.jpgRules: First one to post a comment most correctly and directly listing the location of the photo subject above wins the admiration of the blogging.la readership (or me, whichever’s greater at the time) and a collector’s edition Tush sticker printed with real ink and made with real adhesive. In the event of no one getting it right, the creator of the most entertaining guess will be hailed victorious.

13 thoughts on “B.LA Mystery Photo Contest / Vol. 1, No. 6”

  1. I’d give the answer but not only is it just too easy… anyone who has lived in LA for more than a few years should be ashamed of themselves for NOT knowing this!!

  2. Ouch, Egg… Sorry this week’s photo ain’t up to your exacting standards, but THANKS FOR PLAYING (here’s a towel for any residual dripping sarcasm). Per you’re hit-and-run post, not only then am I double ashamed for posting such an unmysterious mystery photo, but also for being a life-long Angeleno who DIDN’T have its location genetically ingrained. Must be nice being you.

  3. Why that is the tibute to Anthony Quinn at the Victor Clothing Company on Boardway in Downtown Los Angeles- “The Pope of Broadway” it is named.

  4. RMONT! got it right. The exact location is 242 South Broadway. It’s on the south side of the building, best seen from the Bradbury Building across the street.

  5. (Pardon the Yoda-flavor):
    The building on Broadway it may be…
    But from what street is it you can see?

  6. No problem. I’m just saying that people need to get downtown a little more… Peace.

  7. My name is Matthew Nava; having had to commute up and down Broadway, I know this is “The pope of Broadway”, a.k.a. Anthony Quinn. This mural was imagined and painted by Eloy Torrez, an artist who once taught mural painting in my East Los Angeles neighborhood at Self Help Graphics on Cesar Chavez and Gage.

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  9. Yeah, I dropped the “Thomas” — now its just Ryan Sebastian. Why does this single post have such a high pagerank for “Ryan Sebastian” anyways?

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