Moving movie billboards?

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cybele for lunch today and we began talking about the Guerilla Ads that she and Will Campbell saw last night.

I asked her if she’d seen the moving movie billboards and I’m not talking about those trucks with a (just) movie poster plastered on the sides…

A couple of weeks ago, as Yoshi and I were driving down Melrose, we saw what appeared to be a plain, old moving billboard truck. Except on the other side of the truck, there was a full LCD(?) screen playing the movie trailer for Van Helsing(?) in full-color… moving-moving pictures! What will they think of next?!

Maybe because it was the first time I’d seen one of these trucks, the novelty of it was kind of cool. I thought it would be kind of cool to have something like that to watch if it was parked in front of a bar/club on a Friday night (especially if you are not showing enough skin and the bouncers make you stand in line to get inside).

However, when we got stuck behind it (it was driving very slowly so people could watch it, people driving retardedly around it to watch it), I decided I didn’t like them that much, after all. As if we needed anything else to distract drivers or contribute to slow-moving street traffic in this town!

I tried to get a picture of it, but we were on the wrong side of the truck. Has anyone else seen these things? Or have they been around for a while and I just wasn’t paying attention?

One thought on “Moving movie billboards?”

  1. If someone did see what you saw on melrose on that truck, and if anyone knows of the manufacturer of this product, please let me know.
    We have been looking for this info and just cannot locat it

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