Nerd Alert!


As Jason just pointed out, our mugs got plastered larger than life in this weekends Calendar section of the LA Times. We took that picture last week when it was a zillion degrees out and just about cooked to death in the 30 minutes we were sitting out there in the sun. Luckily it looks like the Times photoshopped out the streams of sweat.

In addition to that lovely photo, there is a pretty damn big story (which is actually pretty good) talking about the site and our collective hatred of UGG boots. It’s online, but you have to pay to read it. Hopefully we’ll have a link to a free version shortly, as that was one of the conditions I agreed on with the writer. If you see a printed copy, check it out. I’m going to grab one now myself.

UPDATE: The text of the story is online here and here!

12 thoughts on “Nerd Alert!”

  1. i rolled in here thanks to that times article. i’ve been searching for a site like this for a while–i’m so sick of all those pompous new york bloggers!–so, cheers. site looks great so i think i’ll make myself comfortable and stay a while.

  2. I’m presently gaping at the print version and dang! That’s a tonna cool ink you guys got. Gratuitous yet well intentionalized congratulisms all around.

  3. I haven’t been able to track it down yet, but I got some e-mails about it that were pretty positive. Congratulations Chilly-J and S-Dawg.

  4. after school today, I sat down with a bowl of raw oatmeal and calendar weekend. i was flipping through the pages, and then…pow!! a whole article! the things i read make it into calendar. i must be cool.

  5. If anyone needs the text to the article, I have it. But I won’t repost it (lest they try to charge me $349054870234 for the ‘privilege’ of doing so).

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