When Bouncers Attack

You're at a goth club...

If you enjoy being brutalized by knuckle-dragging neanderthals posing as security guards, I can recommend no better place in Los Angeles than Bar Sinister (at Boardner’s, Saturday nights). It’s amazing how quickly a great night out with a bunch of friends can degenerate into an absolute crap tornado when a few oversized, overenfranchised, power-abusing no-necks intervene.

My advice to such schmucktwirls:

Picking fights with patrons is no way to invite return service to your club. When it’s closing time, tell people it’s closing time, not, “you’ve had too much to drink; you’re going to have to leave.” Especially when the people you’re singling out have been very careful to drink responsibly all evening long and aren’t causing problems for anyone. It’s insulting, and it reflects poorly on your judgment. I’m not the only nearly-totally-sober person you approached with this line that night. Refusing to allow me to make sure the tab at the bar had been taken care of wasn’t a smart move, either.

But what it really boils down to is this: You don’t grab me or my friends, and I won’t bite a chunk out of your arm until you bleed and scream like a junior high school girl. I think that’s a pretty reasonable policy — too bad you didn’t.

Protests over my only valid method of dealing with a guy four times my size were best answered by my lovely girlfriend, who said: “You’re at a goth club, dummy.”

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  1. Wow. Incredibly bad form. Biting someone? Not only should you get charged with assault, but god forbid you have any sort of communicable disease that you have potentially given the guy. He’s doing his job– maybe poorly, but that’s no excuse for you to fucking _bite_ him.

    I believe the correct term to use is “grow the fuck up”. Maybe you should stop going to clubs until you learn that one.

  2. Actually, Mark, it’s a club I had been going to on and off for a good number of years without any incidents, ever. A bouncer’s not “doing his job” when he picks fights with otherwise peaceful patrons (and I wasn’t the only one that night, either). Whether what I did was in bad form or not, I’m hoping he’ll think things through and be a little more of a human being next time he needs to vacate the club.

    I’m not happy that I did what I did, but under the circumstances, I believe I did the only thing I could do. Well, aside from passively letting him drag me out by my face for daring to make sure the bill was taken care of before leaving. The nerve of some patrons, eh?

  3. And I saw how he was grabbed and dragged and he was in his right to do so. So Mark before telling anyone to grow the fuck up try and be a little more adult yourself. You weren’t there. You didn’t see the treatment. This is coming from someone who was manhandled by the throat that night for doing nothing more than walking out the door. And speaking of growing up try leaving a real bit of contact information ya fucking pussy.

  4. And here’s a letter that was sent to Bar Sinister’s management by another patron who witnessed the unnecessary mayhem that Saturday:

    After an 8 year hiatus from the LA/Hollywood club scene, my wife, a friend of ours and I decided that we would visit your club. While at your club, I had the pleasure to deal with some of the most interesting and entertaining bar and door staff that I have dealt with in a long time. I was very pleased with our experience, and had decided that we would surely return after such a positive experience.

    Unfortunately, this all turned very ugly at the end of the night. As we were leaving down the “candle lit alley”, there was an altercation in which a patron was being drug out of the club in a neck hold. As far as we could tell, this patron had not done anything wrong, though we did not see everything. As we were still walking, a bald security/bouncer forcefully shoved a young woman into my wife, nearly knocking the patron and my wife to the ground. Everything finally moved outside the club to Cherokee avenue, where the incident continued.

    It was at this point, we realized that the girl that was nearly knocked down was someone that we had met earlier, and that the young man in the altercation was her boyfriend, and that both of them were being detained by your security/bouncer staff. We knew that this young lady’s friends were down the street about 50 yards from the club entrance, and figured that if we could get her down to them, it would help to alleviate the situation. When the three of us came up to a bald bouncer and made the request, I was forcibly shoved and nearly knocked to the ground. Our request was simple; “her friends are down there, would you like us to take her to them?” That was it! No arguing, no insults, nothing just a request to help. When I asked the bouncer why he shoved me, he simply asked me “if I wanted my ass kicked”, and shoved me again. It was at this time, that we realized that we were dealing with a very unprofessional, amateurish security/bounce staff, and left the area for the parking lot to return home. As we were leaving, we saw one of your bald bouncers crossing Cherokee. They were now over harassing one of the friends that were waiting for the detained couple. As we were driving by, we watched as your bouncer grabbed the patron by the neck and pushed him down the street. We finally made it to Hollywood Blvd, and were on our way out of this horror zone.

    I have to say that after witnessing this appalling episode, I think that as a business owner/manager, you need to review your policies, as well as educate your security staff in the proper way to maintain order. A bouncer’s job is just that, to maintain order no matter what the circumstances, and to keep their cool under all situations.

    I was very sad to see that what started out as such a great evening, turned into something much more ‘sinister’ and ugly so quickly.

    An out of town visitor

  5. A few years ago we helped run an art/hip-hop night at Boarders that the owners of the club cancelled because we “brought in too much of a black crowd.” Those were her exact words. Needless to say we haven’t been back and I’d advise others to not spend $$$ there either, unless that’s the kind of thing you like supporting.

  6. You’re right, I wasn’t there, I didn’t see the treatment. But if the bouncer is overstepping his authority, whether by harrassment or physical abuse, your job is to notify the cops and have them do their jobs, not to _bite_ someone. The bouncer has a very legitimate case against you, now, regardless of whether or not he was at fault. It would have been very easy for him to detain you, and then have you arrested, because hey, officer, check out these teeth marks on my bleeding arm.

    Like I said — very poor form.

  7. If I were the type of person who got into fights on a regular basis, I might agree with you, Mark. Since the last one I was in happened about 18 years or so ago (when I really was in high school), I think it’s fair to say that I was unduly provoked. And I’ve got plenty of marks to prove that I was manhandled, and plenty of witnesses who would testify in my defense that I was, in fact, defending myself!

    Calling the police wouldn’t have worked to their favor, I assure you. Not that they were demonstrating benefit of the illumination of bright ideas to guide them, but still. I was very polite before and afterwards, but it’s hard to be cooperative when you’re being mauled by King Kong for absolutely no reason.

  8. “Pardon me sir but would you let go of my throat so I can phone the police? Oh wait, I can’t breathe at the moment so let me sit here and asphyxiate while I wait for you to finish up THEN I’ll call the police. That is if permanent damage hasn’t already been done to me. Oh what’s this? Blood running down my face? Yeah, better wait to call the cops.”

    Only in fairy tales do you not fight back when you’re being assaulted. Sheesh. Get out of the house more.

  9. Wow. I am so glad that

    A. I don’t reside in Los Angeles.
    B. I rarely frequent the bar/club scene anymore due to situations with macho/steroid infested jack-holes such as this.
    C. I really prefer a nice quiet night at home with a board game, a bottle of wine, and some close friends.

    (and yes I as a woman have dealt with the same over-abundance of testosterone exhibited by a bouncer myself)

    Example 1 : One night while at Club Clearview in Dallas, Texas, I was minding my own business, sipping my Shiner Bock, when along comes Johnny-Big Muscle-TightShirt-JackWad who informs me that I need to “drink up”. I politely oblige his request and tilt the bottle back. Not TWO seconds later (I’m still guzzling at this point), the asshole turns around and WHIPS the bottle away from me forcefully. This of course resulted in beer all over my face, in my eyes, and all over my clothes.

    Luckily I knew several of the employees who were outraged by the guy’s behaviors, and took him aside to yell at him on his uncouth bouncer etiquette.

    Example 2 : Social Distortion concert – summer 1997 – Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, Texas. At the time I was a 20 year old woman attending a concert. The place was packed, little air conditioning, lots of people. I had managed to make my way to the front of the crowd and was up against the railing. Once the show began – I was shoved again and again into the railing by the swarming sea of people behind me. At one point I felt as if I was going to collapse – my ribs were bruised and I could barely breathe. Around this time – there was some hair-farmer standing a few feet to the right of me swinging his hair around and slamming his body back and forth. After about 2 or 3 times of the guy elbowing me in the side HARD – I turned around and jabbed him hard (just dishing a little bit of his own medicine out – and trying to protect myself). No sooner had I jabbed the guy – I am GRABBED by the collar of my shirt by a 400 lb Chris Farley – Wayne’s World security guard look-a-like and pulled forcefully towards him. “One more time and you’re OUT of here” the guy screamed at me before he thrust me back into the crowd. Did the security guard notice the guy who was practically pummelling the 20 year old innocent concert-goer?? NO. He just noticed me trying merely to defend myself.

    This scene is unfortunately way too common in bars.

    Yeah, wake up Mark. He was exhibiting self-defense. Nothing more, nothing less. Evidently you haven’t been man-handled by meat head security guards. Maybe in the future – you will experience what we’ve had to experience, and be whistling a slightly different tune.

  10. Mark definitely got off on the wrong foot with his initial knee-jerk comment, but he does have a point and I’m just glad to see the transgressing bouncer didn’t press the evidentiary value of the bite that RG “LockJaw” Fogarty delivered. It was bad enough to be so mistreated and assaulted and I respect RG for deciding to take action against it, but it could’ve been much worse with him either suffering further injury, incarceration of both.

    Note to self: Don’t ever ó EVER! ó get between Mr. Fogarty and the bartab.

  11. Ok I really hope trish knows this shit has been going on. For myself I have not been to Sinister In a long time due to Fang reopening. As to the out of towners if it were me and I walked up to have Staci brought to her frined and I asked why did you shove me and he responded if you want your ass kicked I would have told his go ahead and kick my ass dick head and I will have you arrested for assult but that is cause Staci is my friend and that fucked up comment would have pissed the fuck out of me. I feel bad for the out of towners as I did not realize that Sinister has fallin into a shit pit status, If you come back into town visit Fang Club http://www.fangclub.com it is much better. Man, What the fuck doesnt Trish have a leash for these stupid fucks. I cant believe that shit but it hasnt been the first time the security guards have been rude and insulting but I have never seen them abuse someone. Hey Robert it is too bad you did bite him but only because I would have a lawyer and sue the fuck out of the club. Those fucken ass heads.. Fuck Sinister, makes me want to go there to see if they would start shit with me.

  12. Oh trust me, I wanted to let him try, but my wife did not want me to get my ass beat in a brawl (getting too old, fragile bones and all).

    I Emailed my letter to Tricia La Belle, so she may get it, who knows. I am also mailing out a paper copy today as well.

    RG, Staci, and Jason did not deserve this, and someone should be held accountable for the actions of a couple of bad seeds.

    Though we had just met them earlier in the night, I could tell that these 3 are by no means trouble makers, and did not deserve the treatment they received.


  13. Fang used to be fun. Hell I designed the logo for crissakes! Is it like the old Fang was or is it a new beast altogether?

  14. Fang is better as they play some of the sdame music but not the same songs every week like some DJ I wont specify who it was. The venue is better, bigger and the atmosphere is just awesome. It has some taste from the past but it is all new. Screw Sinister now its dead. Fang is reborn and its the best

  15. Just to shut Koga up let me make clear that when I was manhandled by the throat it was NOT on club property or even directly in front of the club. It was 2 stores down the first time and the second was across the street. Just so there is no misunderstanding that I was on club property when this happened. I was NOT.

  16. As the “other” out of towner (and the one that was responding to the bouncer by saying, “Yeah, I do want my ass kicked!” while Mr. D dragged me away by the arm I have to say this: I have never, ever in 14+ years of clubbing witnessed bouncers with problems like that besides Club Metro, and those bouncers were taken care of with the loss of their jobs. The bouncer *literally* grabbed Staci by the arm and dragged her out when we were simply standing talking. The bouncers *do not* have authority more than 10 feet or so beyond the door on a public street and have no right to tell anyone where to stand or what to do just because they are near the club. And, yes, I was ready to throw down right there not only because of the females that had been pushed around but the bouncer’s lousy attitude – I am one of those people that answers “Yes” if someone asks me if I want my ass kicked (I’m glad I didn’t and I was dragged away, but I was pretty pissed off). Now that I know the rest of the story, biting would have crossed my mind too but a boot heel to the instep and then a fist to the larynx would more than likely have been my response.

    Be what it may, we want to see what the response to the letter to management is before I think we’ll even consider going back.

  17. Here are some options that came to mind for me personally:

    1. Mace sprayed in the face of the offending “security” personnel.

    2. Taser

    3. handgun (I am from Texas, after all) either real or just fake for show

    4. With conviction and handcuffs: “You’re under arrest. Put your hands up against the wall. I don’t have to show you shit. Up against the wall. You have the right to remain silent. If you choose to waive that right anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the court…” and so on.

    Oh, how quickly we forget that we have the right to place someone under citizen’s arrest. If you do it with conviction they are likely to assume you are an undercover police officer, probably vice, and if you find anything when you search them they know they’re in big trouble. Of course you have to cuff them and phone it in with a cel or something and get the police out there and follow through on it and fill out the paperwork, but think how rewarding it would be.

    5. brass knuckles

    6. nunchaku

    7. cup (a little armor can be nice insurance)

    8. maglite (hey, I just had it for light…)

    9. flashgun (I’m just a photographer… sure, I knew it would blind him, but he was threatening me…)

    10. big knife

  18. Self defence, be it with a fist, leg, or in this case, many nasty teeth marks, is STILL self defence.
    There really is something rewarding about making some one that much bigger than you bleed.

  19. Right on Wil, I think that everyone that was involved grabed throw, abused, assulted should get together and retain a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the club owners and the bouncers. Its just a idea, after all there are plaenty of witnesses.
    The good thing to know out of all this is that we all stick together. Now that is a positive outcome, hey and if you guys do sue a little money never hurt.

  20. A bouncer in LA doesn’t have any more authority that a patron does at a bar. They do NO have the right to detain you, arrest you, or manhandle you beyond the limits of the average citizen.

    In Catholic school, we were given a mnemonic to remember the direction of the cross, and was later informed by my brothers that it was usefull in combat: “spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch” Go for the eyes, the sweetbreads, the kidney and then disable the arms (rope is prefered over breaking). If your agressor is a woman, the sweetbreads are one fist-width off center, sitting on the line between the pelvic bone points; a stiff thumb works well.

    The one caveat to this is whether it’s deserved. You’d better be real sure it’s self defence to use any one of these options…

  21. being a bouncer in britain is no different then to one in america,same muppets who complain when they drunk and argue and then wonder why they get hurt

  22. All you people with the exception of mark are a bunch of lying bitches. as a bouncer I myself am privyed to the other side. Having to deal with all of you drunk baliggerent assholes who think you don’t have to listen to anyone when they ask you nicely. then you whine and cry when you get dealt with. if anything you people are pussies. and if it weren’t for dumbasses like you they wouldn’t need bouncers like me.

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