Rance, Rance Revelution!

I had a dream last night that I got leaked the breaking news about to hit all the papers. It was that sekret LA blogger Rance was actually world famous rapper “Ice Ice Tea”. I write it like that because in the dream I found this out when I somehow saw some que cards in the back of a news van and it was written like that, and I thought who the crap is “Ice Ice Tea?” I remember dreaming that it must be a mistake. Was I thinking “Ice T” and just projected that news guys are idiots and wouldn’t know that his name is spelled with a single “T?” Did I think someone confused something with Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby?” I didn’t even know but the confusion woke me up so I don’t even know where that was headed.

6 thoughts on “Rance, Rance Revelution!”

  1. Do you really dream of being a KTLA broadcast news reporter or are you just saying that?

  2. Caryn better come home before Sean is wandering the streets muttering, nude and covered with peanut butter.

  3. Great dream! I bet Rance will award you one of those DVP points (or whatever he calls them) for your nocturnal vision. Keep saving your dreams – there’s some strange stuff that happens in brains at night! I collect my dreams over at Luminous Dreams – have been doing so since ’01. Sweet Sweet Dreams!

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