“Painted Poems” at Norton Simon


AP is reporting on a new exhibition at the Norton Simon: “Painted Poems: Rajput Paintings From the Ramesh and Urmil Kapoor Collection.” From the description at nortonsimon.org: “Dating from 1450 to 1900, these colorful paintings depict stories from some of the great Hindu epics such as the Ramayana and Bhagavatapurana, mythological subjects, rituals, portraits as well as court scenes.”


The exhibition will be open through August 23rd. According to the AP story, “Ananda K. Coomaraswamy once famously described [these works] as creating ‘a magic world where all men are heroic, all women are beautiful, passionate and shy, beasts both wild and tame are the friends of man and trees, and flowers are conscious of the footsteps of the bridegroom as he passes by.'” Anybody know of a good Indian place on Colorado Blvd. for afters?

2 thoughts on ““Painted Poems” at Norton Simon”

  1. A juxtaposition I found fascinating, in light of today’s $100 million+ fiasco de Picasso, was this from the AP article:

    ‘They differ from Western paintings in that most aren’t signed by the artists, although Knoke said experts can recognize the styles of certain masters in one painting or another. They just don’t know their names. “It’s kind of the opposite of Western art,” she said. “They kind of stress the guild or workshop (that the artist belonged to), rather than the big-shot artist as an individual.”‘

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