Gadgetgasm II

senseo.jpg So last month I wafted ga-ga over Garmin’s Forerunner 101, a wrist-wearable GPS device for hikers and bikers and runners and such. This time ’round it’s all about the joe, don’tcha know.

I’m not sure if it was the Senseo coffee machine’s unique design or its promise of a perfect cuppa java jive topped with a rich frothy layer that left me blindsided by the Gottagetit fairy (probably a bit of both). Couple days later in the Vons at Virgil and Sunset (they’re also sold at Target and, I succumbed to the inevitable purchase of the introductory package. For $70 that included the machine, two packages of 18 coffee pods and a couple four-ounce cups รณ a tad on the pricey side, but if it didn’t deliver as advertised I was ready to return it.

So far all’s good, but then I’m not some coffee snob who examines each bean before self-grinding and storing them in a specially refrigerated humidor. With the Senseo you drop in a single self-contained coffee pod for a four-ounce brew or two for eight-ounces and the Senseo machine spills it out piping hot tasty and frothy in less than a minute. Of course, being a cheap bastard I’ve wrung a second cup out of the same pod…

Clearly the repeat round is a touch weaker, but still drinkable (no doubt coffee purists are cringing at such heathenry).

The downside at present is the lack of availability of the coffee pods. Vons doesn’t stock them yet. Neither does Target. has them, but they’re back-ordered a month. Looks like I’m going to have to give Senseo’s toll free number a call and place a phone order lest I run out and get all pissed at their poor supply-line planning. Of lesser detriment is the noise the machine makes when cranking out its magic elixer of life. It ain’t the quietest thing on my countertop, but the satisfying end more than justifies the brief rumble-clatter.

The upsides with the Senseo are that not only am I drinking less coffee, I’m wasting less as well. Before, I’d drip six cups in the morning (brewing just a couple never worked out) and drink maybe three, pouring perhaps half the carafe down the drain. Now I’m good with one or two cups out of the Senseo, which translates into less caffeine in me, plus more efficient water usage and less coffee con$umed. It all adds up.

Anyway, ads are starting to hit in print (there was one in the L.A. Times this morning) and I’m sure they will be rolling out on TV as well so the promotional push is well on its way. If you get caught up in it and get bit by the Gottagetit bug, I have a $5 cash-back mail-in rebate referral form that came with mine that I’ll be happy to mail to the first person who wants it; email me: wildbell at sbcglobal dot net.

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  1. I just saw this in the new Wired. Looks pretty cool, but I’m turning into one of those grind your own beans and shit snobs so I’m skeptical. I’ll have to come over and try it out.

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