Good Night!

Some bloggers came over last night and we enjoyed some fireworks courtesy of the Dodgers and Farmer John. It was an awesome show as usual. It helps that it was a clear night and had cooled off nicely.

The photo is from last fall (click for a larger version), but that’s really what they look like from my roof. The next display will be on July 1 – the last home game before Independence Day. The last one of the season is September 10th – fan appreciation day. So, if you wanna see some, get on my good side now and maybe we’ll have you over. (We also expect some for the Lotus Festival on July 10th – they’re much closer but not quite as big of a show.)

Oh, the Dodgers won – 5 to 4 over the Montreal Expos, in case you care about such things.

9 thoughts on “Good Night!”

  1. Hee hee! You really did post a photo from last year! (The only thing missing is the kickass geek commentary from the peanut gallery during the fireworks!)

    Thanks again for hosting such a lovely evening. You have such a wonderful home! I enjoyed meeting so many of the folks as well as the various non-bloggers who were there, too!

  2. Damn you Jason. Just when I thought my snowboard fever was abating for the year.

    Anyway, thanks a ton Cybele. Lots of fun.

  3. Belated thanks for being a great hostess. I’m still in awe over the bamboo floors and the awesome kitchen. ^_^

  4. Hey Cybelle & Man: Us non-bloggers had a good time as well. Very warm, relaxing and super fun firework spectating. And I hope you remedy the toddler trouble without having to use any of the many un-neighborly solutions presented. Thanks for the evening.

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