Bulldog. No Bullshit!

So, I was sending my sweetie text messages this morning; she’s stuck at LAX waiting for a flight to North Carolina via Atlanta, Georgia. She up and sends me a picture of some random bulletin board image that has a dog in it. For a few weeks now, we’ve talked about getting a cat – but she won’t take anything less than an extreme shedder. A few seconds later, she calls. She wants an English Bulldog (and not the wrestling kind). Now, I’ve been waiting for her to say something like that ever since we met. I miss Sprocket every day, and wish he was still with me. Well, she wants to find a breeder and get papers – don’t ask me why. I found Arneson’s Bullies, but can’t help but wonder if I should be looking elsewhere. I’d even be up for rescuing one from a shelter, or at least speaking with someone who can make a personal adoption recommendation. It’s pretty much THIS breed she wants… I’m not going to argue. I want a four-legged companion in my life again.

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  1. Please consider a rescued dog – many are from private homes and come with AKC papers if you’re looking for pedigree. Others have the saddest tales of woe and once you see them you just wanna take ’em home.

    Check http://www.petfinder.com/

    Dogs is the bestest people.

  2. Cybele provides you with good info. I look on Petfinder constantly to find the right second dog for us. (Note: we are Miniature Pinscher obsessed). But, if this is your first time with that breed, then it might not be a bad idea to go to the breeder. That way you can familiarize yourself with their characteristics and be able to make sure the parents of your future pup are not, how do you say, totally freakin’ crazy. But, fair warning, get a really really really good breeder and don’t be afraid to ask for contact info for the other folks who have gotten dogs from them. Backyard breeders are bad…just not as bad as pet stores.

    One thing to think of though is that Bulldogs only live to be like 5-7 years old and then…that’s it. It seems to me that that’s one way to set yourself up for HEART-BREAK. But, they are cute and sweet little buggers. I’d dare say a French Bulldog is the only one who can rival my little Lebowski in cuteness.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Chris, Google on “dog shows” and “southern california” and head to the nearest one. If you’re looking for a specific breed, it’s the quickest way to find breeders–and they’ll tell you ALL you need to know, including contacts with reputable rescuers.

  4. I have a little 4-year old bully and they are very loving, sweet animals. PLEASE be sure to read up on caring for these dogs as they are extremely sensitive and need daily caring for. Example: many bulldogs are allergic to soy, so you MUST buy soy free foods.
    As for longevity, Caryn is correct on lifespan. I am already preparing for the day because I know it will be very tough to deal with. I have had many dogs, but my bulldog feels like my child. I don’t think I’ll get another one because of this.
    Good luck.

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