This is what it sounds like when dogs fly


REMINDER! This is tonight

On Thurday, Conveyor/Fred Segal Santa Monica will be hosting a reception for the premiere west coast show of Skewville, which is some pretty exciting news for fans of street art. Their work revolves around the creation of hand-cut wooden, sneakers, or Dogs, that they toss over power lines all over the world. They began in 1999 and have tossed over 3,000 pair so far, including a couple of pair currently visible on Sunset in front of the Vice store.

Coast To Coast, the exhibit they created exclusively for this Conveyor show, will serve as their launch for a new series of limited edition Dogs: they created the new Coast To Coast shoe design, made 100 pair, will toss 50 and the remaining 50 will be for sale in their own specially designed boxes.

The show will also feature photos of Dogs tossed over power lines all over the world, and limited edition silk-screened wood posters. These guys have a great design sense, and, even if you’re not a fan of the Dogs project, the poster and packaging work should be great.

[email protected] Segal Santa Monica
420 Broadway
Reception on Thursday, April 29th 6-10PM
Show on view Apr 29-May 26

4 thoughts on “This is what it sounds like when dogs fly”

  1. That light where Santa Monica merges with Sunset is exceptionally long and I appreciate being able to watch those little art sneakers dangling on the power lines every evening.

    I was just wondering what they were night while I waited through three cycles. Thanks for the post!

  2. Nice to know what that’s all about. I too gazed up at the cute little sneakers dangling over Sunset and wondered “What up”.

  3. Thanks for the infor on the show – I’m a check it out. Oddly enough I must say that my disdain for that statement is slightly tempered knowing it was done by so called artist vs. the corporation. I was mistakenly told that they were done by nike. Creative as it may be, I’m not a big fan cuz there is that connotation of a crack house nearbyfrom whence those hanging shoes reside.

  4. I have long wondered about this project but had little info about it, and no idea that it was a worldwide thing. How cool… I will definately be going to this exhibit. The first pair I remember seeing was on Glendale Boulevard near Scott Street, by the Rite Aid

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