Slanguage at Ivy Substation – Special Offer!

slanguage.jpgI got an email (actually several) about the new Taper Too show, Slanguage that premieres this weekend. It’s a new work by the group Universes and according to the NY Times it’s “EXUBERANT, INSIGHTFUL ENTERTAINMENTĂ– a work of heart and soul.”

If you think you can’t afford to go, think again. Luis Alfaro is extending this special offer if you order via phone or web for $10 tickets:

Luis Alfaro: I know you might think you have this show all figured out and that the evening will consist of “yo yo, throw your hands up in the air – hizzle schizzle fizzle in the house’ stuff.

People you are so wrong.

I can’t begin to describe the pure joy of seeing this next generation of theatre artists take over the stage of our 100 year-old converted power station of a building as they present their new form of theater that combines poetry, music, dance and a ton of soul baring in an intermission-less hour and twenty minutes.

Comprised of a collective of Puerto Rican and African American poets from New York – MILDRED RUIZ, STEVEN SAPP, GAMAL ABDEL CHASTEN, DOMINIC COLON and NINJA – Universes are taking the theatre world by storm right now. They are on the cover of the current American Theatre magazine and they will be opening the season on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam in May.

They are, in short, deeply moving, hilarious, high energy and committed to the political act of telling their story. You MUST see them.

We have surrounded them with the most ambitious team of collaborators that we have ever had at The Ivy.

JO BONNEY, who directs the work of her husband Eric Bogosian, and another Hip Hop artist, Danny Hoch, is directing the show.

Now, you know that management is making me charge 30 big ones for this show, BUT if you join on MY offer, it is a mere $10, with the added pleasure that I get to see you get thrilled by the production, you tell ALL of your friends (or better yet, they take advantage of this offer as well, because you send them ALL a copy of this email) and everyone in town starts coming.

BUT WAIT! – I have a better idea.

It’s called THE 10 SPOT.

It’s this easy.

STEP 1 – Come Sunday May 2 @ 8PM, Tuesday May 4 @ 8PM or Wednesday May 5 @ 8PM for a mere $10.

STEP 2 – Call our box office at 213-628-2772 and you give them the code SPOT.
Or you can log on to , look for SLANGUAGE, enter the code SPOT and buy your tickets on line.
This bargain is ONLY available by phone or online.

STEP 3 – Come to The Ivy on your selected evening.

The Ivy Substation
9070 Venice Blvd.
(corner of Venice & Culver Blvds)

STEP 4 – Pick up your tickets and have a drink at our cool ALWAYS complimentary bar.

It’s that easy. – Luis Alfaro