6 thoughts on “LA Attack?”

  1. I’m sure this has nothing to do with Dick Cheney and Georgie Bush doing their ventriolquist act for the 9/11 commission today.

    Or the mounting casualties in Iraq.

  2. I think they’re targeting the mini-mall on Cahuenga with the Starbucks, 7-11 and the Duds & Suds Laundromat. I know if I was a terrorist that would be MY primary target.

  3. I love how we’re supposed to go about our daily lives as if nothing’s wrong, yet remain vigilant.

    I don’t even notice when hot women are looking at me (yeah go figure), so HTF am I supposed to notice some terrorist activity? :P

  4. you mean Beverly Hills, Century City? Where everything is so nice and pretty? Where all the people look the same… (anyone want to finish that for me?)

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