LA Attack?

Federal officials have warned the LAPD about an unspecified potential threat to a Los Angeles area mall and said an attack may have been planned for today.

“As of now, the information is uncorroborated and the credibility of the source is unknown,” the Police Department said in a statement.

No specific shopping mall was named, but the warning indicated a mall near the Federal Building in West Los Angeles could be targeted.

6 Replies to “LA Attack?”

  1. I’m sure this has nothing to do with Dick Cheney and Georgie Bush doing their ventriolquist act for the 9/11 commission today.

    Or the mounting casualties in Iraq.

  2. I think they’re targeting the mini-mall on Cahuenga with the Starbucks, 7-11 and the Duds & Suds Laundromat. I know if I was a terrorist that would be MY primary target.

  3. I love how we’re supposed to go about our daily lives as if nothing’s wrong, yet remain vigilant.

    I don’t even notice when hot women are looking at me (yeah go figure), so HTF am I supposed to notice some terrorist activity? :P

  4. you mean Beverly Hills, Century City? Where everything is so nice and pretty? Where all the people look the same… (anyone want to finish that for me?)

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